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Reason 20: Because Straining Out Gnats While Your Child Is Devoured By A Camel Helps No One.

School District Bans Tag To Protect Students’ Feelings

From The Daily Caller

“The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety,” the district said in a statement to local news station Q13Fox. “This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.”

There seems to be a terror in the minds of school administrators that a student might hear the name Jesus spoken as anything but a cuss word.  And now they think not playing tag is going to make it all better?  It’s not going to make it better, but worse, they will never tire of trying to make it better.  Who knows what the next grand idea will be to fix your child, or save him from “physical and emotional safety”.  I can remember going to school.  And I can remember playing tag.  And I can remember cruel words from my teachers and abuse from bullies.  But none of it happened while playing tag.  Oh no.  It happened every single time in the class room.  I personally wouldn’t wish the Hell that is public school on my worst enemy.

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Reason 19: Because Political Correctness Is Dangerous, And Your School Has Bought Into It Hook Line And Sinker

You might just as well face it, you live in an age that sees the state as God.  It can make sure you never get sick and give you free health care made out of thin air if you do.  It change the temperature of the planet, make sure that no one ever has to go without, whether they are willing to work or not, and keep anything bad from ever happening by looking into its special crystal ball.

But that crystal ball told a different story when the poor young Ahmed, who just so happened to be a Muslim, and who by mere coincidence was the brother of a young girl who was suspended from school for bringing a fake bomb to school, when it saw that Ahmed’s homemade clock was a bomb.  But as it turned out, it was just a clock… and Ahmed just happens to belong to a religion that has a rotten habit of blowing up rooms filled with innocents.  Shame on our state and its inability to be godlike.  Next time someone brings something that looks like a bomb to school, it must make sure that it was brought by someone who belongs to the religion that’s “guilty of the crusades” before they “drag” them off to the police station.

As it turns out Obama wants to see that clock himself and has welcomed Ahmed to the Whitehouse with it.  But I’d bet every dollar I own that before that clock is allowed anywhere near your president, secret service will make sure it’s not a bomb.  Because letting your children get blown up for political correctness’ sake is fine, but for your fearless leader, it’s not fine at all.

Breitbart Story complete with haughty Monday morning quarterback reporter.


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Reason 18: Because The State Is Not Irreligious, It Is Anti the God Of The Bible

A coach in Washington is in danger of losing his job for praying on the fifty yard line.

If there really was no God, what difference would it make if someone “prayed” to nothing?  Ahhh but there is a God, and those who hate God know it.  They want the God of the Bible wiped away so that they won’t have to think of their coming judgement.  But it’s not enough that God be wiped from their view, the school is a tool in their hands used to wipe him from the next generation’s view.  He will not be tolerated.  If you want to pray, get yourself a prayer rug.  Then you can pray all you want.

Watch news cast here


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Reason 17: Because Your Child Should Not Be Taught That Rich Elitest Liberals Get To Decide What They “Need”

One question a critically minded child ought to be taught to ask concerning this poster is, who gets to decide what I need?  And who gets to then decide that what they decide is fair, just because they say it is?  What is unfair is the wholesale indoctrination of children to believe that some elitist will ultimately get to decide what they need, and also that the definition of those “needs” as fair.


Screenshot (112)


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Reason 16: Because Life Is Hard Enough Already, Even For A First Grader.

The thing about coming up with grand ideas is that they just might only be grand in the mind of the one who comes up it.  My guess is that the man who thought this scheme for simple subtracting up thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And it would seem that the ones who want to cram Common Core down your child’s throat were more than happy to hop onto that wagon.  Just think about it, all those thousands of years of adding and subtracting the easy way, and it was just all wrong.

Or maybe not.
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From this article.

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Reason 15: Because Think About It

This You Tube packs a compelling punch in just 4 minutes.  It’s by John Taylor Gatto, who according to Wikipedia;

…was named New York City Teacher of the Year in 1989, 1990, and 1991, and New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991. He wrote a letter announcing his retirement, titled I Quit, I Think,to the op-ed pages of th Wall Street Journal, saying that he no longer wished to “hurt kids to make a living.”


You have no say at all in choosing your teachers.  You know nothing about their background or their families, and the state knows little more than you do. One thing you do know is how unlikely it will be for any teacher to understand the personality of your particular child or anything significant about your family, culture, religion, plans, hopes or dreams.

Where is the documentary evidence that proves this assumption that trained and certified professionals do it better than people who know and love them can. There isn’t any.



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Reason 14: Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam And It’s Too Stupid To Know It

Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ as Meeting Gets Heated and Security Is Needed

Please know that America has an established religion.  It’s called secular humanism, and it is the accepted religion in public schools.  Secular humanism is fine with underling religions, but those religions must acknowledge the state as the final arbiter of ethics.  Another tenet of secular humanism is pluralism, which stands to reason.  The state embraces every society, but still insists on its own supremacy.  Therefore, in the pluralist society’s mindset, to suggest assimilation to the immigrant is considered a bad thing, especially when the pluralist already hates the nation that the immigrant is immigrating to.  Besides, by the very nature of pluralism, there is nothing to assimilate into anyway because the concept is as vacuous, as its foundation, relativism.  So immigrants cluster into anti-pluralist sub-cultures that are not relativistic by any means.  Not only will some not bow their knee to the state, the state will eventually have to bow their knee to the subculture.  The public schools, as can be seen in recent events, are always the initial battle ground, because they shape the minds of future citizens.  This is one great reason why just about any other way to educate your children is a better way than the secular humanist’s way.

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Reason 13: History Matters

Liberal Teacher Claims THIS President Racist, Demands School Be Renamed

Because renaming your school every 10 years or so as culture wanders through its own moral maze seems like a great idea.


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Reason 12: Because A Rotting Culture Produces Rot

The Mild-Mannered Band Teacher’s Night Job As A Porn Star Cost Her Her Day Job… So Far

I’m positive that history is full of examples of less than savory teachers teaching other people’s children in public school, just as there are millions of examples of great teachers, who are excellent moral examples doing the same.  But it is a mistake to see stories like this as an outlier.  A few things to consider:

  1. Does anyone really think that the NEA is going to let this stand?  What judgemental nerve of a school administration, firing a fine outstanding citizen like this woman, who is just trying to earn a little extra money with a night job.  Does anyone really think this woman’s teaching career is over?
  2. It ought to be more of a shock that she was fired than that what she was fired for.  I personally am shocked.
  3. Where there’s one, there’s many.  You live in a rotting culture.  A rotting culture produces rotten citizens who are amoral.  Some of those citizens are going to be teaching your children.  In reality, that this woman was discovered, is a fluke.
  4. Porn is readily available and increasingly acceptable.  Which is worse?  This woman participating in making porn, or the other teachers sitting in their basements at night masterbating while watching her?  One thing you can know is that you don’t know who is teaching your children if they go to public schools.


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Reason 11: Because You Live In A Rotting Culture

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