Reason 2: The Only Bad Educational Agenda Is A “Christian” Agenda… apparently

From the National Review article describing the teaching of Islam in Tennessee:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Does anyone really think that every little episode like this gets reported by media?  That would be naive.  But worse, not everyone pushing the politically-correct agenda of all-in-for-allah are as overt.  The Christian says, I’ll show them Christ by my good nature.  I’ll preach Christianity without words.  But meanwhile, there is an opposite message obviously being preached… with words.

A bit from the article.

Just imagine the media outcry if a school made atheists and Muslims recite the Lord’s Prayer

Putting aside the legalities for a moment, if the Daily Caller’s account is correct, then it is both absurdly PC and absolutely typical of modern public education that it would respectfully teach Islam while focusing on Christianity’s sins.  If Maury County (or any county) wants to teach world religions, it’s not terribly difficult to do it in an even-handed manner. At a minimum, if you’re going to teach the doctrines of Islam, you can compare and contrast them with Christianity, Judaism, and other major faiths.

This defies logic.  A religion that is the essence of murderous, homophobic, backward thinking, misogynist and power-mongering is taught in the glowyest of terms while the religion that is by far the prominent one taught in the homes of these children, if taught at all, amounts to not much more than pot shots.  Parents should remember, the Feds run their schools, from the backwoods of Tennessee to the Hell hole that is the DC school district.  There is an agenda, and it is not hidden.

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  1. I watched “indoctrination” and I was so upset about it. In homeschooling, there are similar things. We have a local co-op which is totally cool with the other religions telling our homeschooled kids things about their beliefs (including Muslim), it is all good and great because the kids are learning about the beliefs of others. However, if anyone in MY Religion says anything about our beliefs for the education of others, this is very wrong. This is a good reason to avoid such a co-op.

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