Reason 5 Because Planned Parenthood Butchers

Any satanic agenda worth its salt knows that indoctrinating your children is its bread and butter.  So of course there’s an open door policy to the Planned Parenthood butchers.   This article by Life site  sheds light on the state’s priorities when it comes to who gets to plant their agendas into your children’s mind.  Never forget, what you see in articles on the internet is only the tip of the iceberg.

From the article  entitled:

Despite what your parents say’: Planned Parenthood’s corruption of kids is worse than you know


[reading the PP website it] became readily apparent to me that Planned Parenthood had created a simple business model that exists to this day: Use sympathetic politicians and the liberal media to be blessed as a savior of women’s health in general and as “experts” in the field of sexual health in particular. Then infiltrate our public schools to make the required sex-ed presentations that teachers don’t want to make. The PP reps leave their brochures and cards behind so the kids can call PP when they are in trouble. And – oh yes – they leave their website info as well.

Worse yet, they do so under the guise of “We’re here to help you,” when in fact their unstated goal is exactly the opposite. How can I say that? When I went on that teenwire site in 2002, what I saw among other things was this jaw-dropper addressed to youth:

“Despite What Your Parents and Teachers Say… do you think you’ll really need to use math after high school to do anything besides balance your checkbook? How about chemistry? Or French? Well, there’s one subject that’s guaranteed to come up in the future… we all need to know about one thing – SEX!”

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2 responses to “Reason 5 Because Planned Parenthood Butchers

  1. Are you also aware of this book Planned Parenthood has written for use in elementary school classrooms? Ahhhhh! Awful! Sick! Discgusting!

  2. Here, go to “see inside.” Planned Parenthood wrote this for use in schools. I don’t know which schools use it.

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