Reason 8: From Fairy Tells To “Fairy” Tells

NC Elementary School Teacher, Assistant Principal Resign Amid Controversy Over LGBT Fairy Tail

The story begins:

Omar Currie read the story “King & King,” in which two princes fall in love and get married, to his third-grade students at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School, sparking the outrage of some parents.

This is the sad tail of a government institution taken over and controlled by those who have an agenda of making sure that the next generation will not recognize the previous one.  Children will know their grandparent’s generation, and all previous generations in the history of man, as societies of homophobes and bigots.  These officials resigned, but they will not be going away.  And they are but two, of a an admitted minority of activist who know how to infiltrate education and change how the next generation thinks.  They are resting in the gains of previous generations.  And it is in those gains that the current crop of activist take refuge in the fact that the worst that might happen to them, if anything,  is that they may have to resign and go somewhere else to do their work.  Just consider for a moment if a grammar school teacher had done this just two decades ago.  And two decades is about one generation.

For a parent to be shocked and outraged about this sort of thing at this point in the game is akin to a policeman being shocked and outraged that people were speeding at the Daytona 500.  It is happening.  It is the tip of the iceberg.  It will continue to happen.  Why?  It is the new way for the elites.  And the elites own your schools.  One more excerpt:

A school review committee “upheld use of the book twice,”


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  1. I agree. People get shocked by what happens still. I don’t understand why they are ever shocked. I do understand that part of it is that they always feel fine about things happening in other states or even in other parts of their state. However, when it comes to their school and their child’s school, they begin to care. People do not care until it is happening directly to them.

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