Reason 12: Because A Rotting Culture Produces Rot

The Mild-Mannered Band Teacher’s Night Job As A Porn Star Cost Her Her Day Job… So Far

I’m positive that history is full of examples of less than savory teachers teaching other people’s children in public school, just as there are millions of examples of great teachers, who are excellent moral examples doing the same.  But it is a mistake to see stories like this as an outlier.  A few things to consider:

  1. Does anyone really think that the NEA is going to let this stand?  What judgemental nerve of a school administration, firing a fine outstanding citizen like this woman, who is just trying to earn a little extra money with a night job.  Does anyone really think this woman’s teaching career is over?
  2. It ought to be more of a shock that she was fired than that what she was fired for.  I personally am shocked.
  3. Where there’s one, there’s many.  You live in a rotting culture.  A rotting culture produces rotten citizens who are amoral.  Some of those citizens are going to be teaching your children.  In reality, that this woman was discovered, is a fluke.
  4. Porn is readily available and increasingly acceptable.  Which is worse?  This woman participating in making porn, or the other teachers sitting in their basements at night masterbating while watching her?  One thing you can know is that you don’t know who is teaching your children if they go to public schools.


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2 responses to “Reason 12: Because A Rotting Culture Produces Rot

  1. Ironic. The public schools teach that there is no real thing as sexual immorality, and yet they fire a porn star for her immorality?!?!

    • I thought that was odd too. But odder yet is that she was caught. I mean who’s gonna admit that they were searching the sites where she was found in the first place? But it is somewhat redeeming that the local board would go that far. Still, it sends a confusing message to the students don’t you think? In the end I don’t think most parents, though they seem ok with most everything else, are all that keen on having their boys taught trumpet by a porn star. The system may be corrupt, but it not so much so that it has forgotten where its bread is buttered. Besides, this poor teacher will move along to some other unsuspecting small town and set up shop. The NEA has probably already wiped her record clean.

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