Reason 14: Because Secular Humanism Is No Match For Islam And It’s Too Stupid To Know It

Muslim Parent Warns School Board ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ as Meeting Gets Heated and Security Is Needed

Please know that America has an established religion.  It’s called secular humanism, and it is the accepted religion in public schools.  Secular humanism is fine with underling religions, but those religions must acknowledge the state as the final arbiter of ethics.  Another tenet of secular humanism is pluralism, which stands to reason.  The state embraces every society, but still insists on its own supremacy.  Therefore, in the pluralist society’s mindset, to suggest assimilation to the immigrant is considered a bad thing, especially when the pluralist already hates the nation that the immigrant is immigrating to.  Besides, by the very nature of pluralism, there is nothing to assimilate into anyway because the concept is as vacuous, as its foundation, relativism.  So immigrants cluster into anti-pluralist sub-cultures that are not relativistic by any means.  Not only will some not bow their knee to the state, the state will eventually have to bow their knee to the subculture.  The public schools, as can be seen in recent events, are always the initial battle ground, because they shape the minds of future citizens.  This is one great reason why just about any other way to educate your children is a better way than the secular humanist’s way.

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