Reason 19: Because Political Correctness Is Dangerous, And Your School Has Bought Into It Hook Line And Sinker

You might just as well face it, you live in an age that sees the state as God.  It can make sure you never get sick and give you free health care made out of thin air if you do.  It change the temperature of the planet, make sure that no one ever has to go without, whether they are willing to work or not, and keep anything bad from ever happening by looking into its special crystal ball.

But that crystal ball told a different story when the poor young Ahmed, who just so happened to be a Muslim, and who by mere coincidence was the brother of a young girl who was suspended from school for bringing a fake bomb to school, when it saw that Ahmed’s homemade clock was a bomb.  But as it turned out, it was just a clock… and Ahmed just happens to belong to a religion that has a rotten habit of blowing up rooms filled with innocents.  Shame on our state and its inability to be godlike.  Next time someone brings something that looks like a bomb to school, it must make sure that it was brought by someone who belongs to the religion that’s “guilty of the crusades” before they “drag” them off to the police station.

As it turns out Obama wants to see that clock himself and has welcomed Ahmed to the Whitehouse with it.  But I’d bet every dollar I own that before that clock is allowed anywhere near your president, secret service will make sure it’s not a bomb.  Because letting your children get blown up for political correctness’ sake is fine, but for your fearless leader, it’s not fine at all.

Breitbart Story complete with haughty Monday morning quarterback reporter.


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