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Reason 51: Because No One Knows How Bad Your Neighborhood Schoolhouse Is Like Those Who Work In It

Here we have Wendy Bradshaw, a teacher in the institution who, like so many others, has poured her life into teaching children. As a teacher myself, (Not a state certified teacher mind you, the state has proven itself unworthy of certifying anything but depravity in these latter days I think. In fact, I think it takes a lot of gall for the state to pronounce as “certified” some of the teachers I’ve seen.)  I understand her excitement about watching children learn.

She valiantly fought the bloated, bureaucratic evil empire. But then she had her own child. She wrote this on her FB account which is open for all to see:

Today I resigned from the school district. I would like to share with you what I gave them. Feel free to share it if it strikes you as important.

To: The School Board of Polk County, Florida
I love teaching. I love seeing my students’ eyes light up when they grasp a new concept and their bodies straighten with pride and satisfaction when they persevere and accomplish a personal goal. I love watching them practice being good citizens by working with their peers to puzzle out problems, negotiate roles, and share their experiences and understandings of the world. I wanted nothing more than to serve the students of this county, my home, by teaching students and preparing new teachers to teach students well. To this end, I obtained my undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in the field of education. I spent countless hours after school and on weekends poring over research so that I would know and be able to implement the most appropriate and effective methods with my students and encourage their learning and positive attitudes towards learning. I spent countless hours in my classroom conferencing with families and other teachers, reviewing data I collected, and reflecting on my practice so that I could design and differentiate instruction that would best meet the needs of my students each year. I not only love teaching, I am excellent at it, even by the flawed metrics used up until this point. Every evaluation I received rated me as highly effective.

Like many other teachers across the nation, I have become more and more disturbed by the misguided reforms taking place which are robbing my students of a developmentally appropriate education. Developmentally appropriate practice is the bedrock upon which early childhood education best practices are based, and has decades of empirical support behind it. However, the new reforms not only disregard this research, they are actively forcing teachers to engage in practices which are not only ineffective but actively harmful to child development and the learning process. I am absolutely willing to back up these statements with literature from the research base, but I doubt it will be asked for. However, I must be honest. This letter is also deeply personal. I just cannot justify making students cry anymore. They cry with frustration as they are asked to attempt tasks well out of their zone of proximal development. They cry as their hands shake trying to use an antiquated computer mouse on a ten year old desktop computer which they have little experience with, as the computer lab is always closed for testing. Their shoulders slump with defeat as they are put in front of poorly written tests that they cannot read, but must attempt. Their eyes fill with tears as they hunt for letters they have only recently learned so that they can type in responses with little hands which are too small to span the keyboard.

The children don’t only cry. Some misbehave so that they will be the ‘bad kid’ not the ‘stupid kid’, or because their little bodies just can’t sit quietly anymore, or because they don’t know the social rules of school and there is no time to teach them. My master’s degree work focused on behavior disorders, so I can say with confidence that it is not the children who are disordered. The disorder is in the system which requires them to attempt curriculum and demonstrate behaviors far beyond what is appropriate for their age. The disorder is in the system which bars teachers from differentiating instruction meaningfully, which threatens disciplinary action if they decide their students need a five minute break from a difficult concept, or to extend a lesson which is exceptionally engaging. The disorder is in a system which has decided that students and teachers must be regimented to the minute and punished if they deviate. The disorder is in the system which values the scores on wildly inappropriate assessments more than teaching students in a meaningful and research based manner.

On June 8, 2015 my life changed when I gave birth to my daughter. I remember cradling her in the hospital bed on our first night together and thinking, “In five years you will be in kindergarten and will go to school with me.” That thought should have brought me joy, but instead it brought dread. I will not subject my child to this disordered system, and I can no longer in good conscience be a part of it myself. Please accept my resignation from Polk County Public Schools.

Wendy Bradshaw, Ph.D.

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Reason 50: Because Your Child Will Be Taught Lies About Religious Freedom

The government school down the street is a religious institution… and you need to know that. Your child will be taught a religion there. What religion? Secular Humanism, a religion that is intolerant of Christianity because it doesn’t bow its knee to the humanists. And such defyance cannot and indeed will not, be tolerated by the state.

So we have Joe Kennedy, a Christian football coach who dares to do something so terrible that it has lots of people up in arms. He says a little prayer at the end of the game… in public. Gasp! State forbid any student think there is a God beyond the state.

From Breitbart:

Although Kennedy does not instruct or encourage any students to join him when he prays, the school board had ordered him never again to pray in public.

After each football game for the past seven years, Kennedy, who is the assistant coach of the high school’s football team, waits until the players have left the football field, then walks onto the 50-yard line to kneel in quiet prayer for his students, thanking God for a good game and for the opportunity to be involved in his student’s lives, and praying for God’s blessing on their future. The prayer is very short—typically less than 30 seconds.

Make no mistake, those who have provided the foundation for making the decision to teach this coach a lesson for bowing his knee to anyone but the state, in public, and those who are complaining that the school is tolerating it, are cut from the same cloth. And all the while these students are being taught that they have religious freedom, because it is in our constitution. Yes, freedom with a million caveats. The students who have begun to pray with this coach are getting more education than they bargained for.

If you are going to teach your child about the real freedoms in the constitution, freedoms that have been stolen from you through state indoctrination, then you’re going to have to bring them home.

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Reason 49: Because Your Child Ought To Understand That There’s A Good Reason To Have A Country

Those who make the real decisions  in the schoolhouse down the street are the same kind of people who buy the line that only sophisticated people can see the emperor’s cloths. It’s all pretend. But unfortunately we live in a serious world, and play pretend is dangerous when you grow up and deal with serious issues.

One of the ways that leftist play pretend is in the idea of nationalism. In their pretend world there are no nations, no need for armies, guns, and all the other things that have for the entire history of man been the reality, are simply pretended away. The thinking goes something like this. Pretend a thing you want to be true is true, then it will become true. Men can pretend to be women, wrong can be pretended to be right, we can pretend that windmills will replace oil, we can pretend that man can adjust the temperature of his planet, we can pretend that Islam is peaceful and that Utopia is just around the corner.

Another thing we can pretend is that no nation or culture is any better than any other, only different. That way we don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that we live in the best nation on earth, so great in fact that people seek to come here from all over the world. But we won’t think about that, because were pretending.

This is exactly what’s happening in Arizona where this school district decided that it would ban anything patriotic.  Of course if you don’t understand the pretend world that liberals live in, this would boggle the mind.  They use the power of the nation to ban those who want to celebrate that same nation, because it might… offend? No, this is about a pretend world that does not exist in reality.  And if you want your child to be raised by those who must live in the realities of the real world, you most definitely will not want to send them to a government school. Because all government schools are run by blue minded people, even those in the hearts of red states.



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Reason 48: Because The School House Is At The Cutting Edge Of This New Trend

By the time I was in high school the stigma associated with unmarried sex had evaporated. So I watched our society reap in earnest its first crop of abortions, single moms, fatherless children and STD’s.  Old restraints were being cast off without the first thought as to why they were ever put there in the first place. This means that I’ve never actually lived in a world in which there was a stigma associated with premarital sex and promiscuity. But such a world hasn’t always existed. It’s just that these things were incrementally destigmatized in previous generations. And there’s been quite a few increments of destigmatization to pass under the bridge since. But there’s a new thing on the horizon that ought to scare anyone who is looking to trust the state to look after their children, and that’s pedophilia.

If you’ve lived through one thing in history you’re quick to pick up on the same sort of thing when it begins to repeat itself. I can remember, for example, homosexuality when it was just beginning to impose itself onto society. It was of course frowned upon. And all who warned of where it would lead were referred to as Chicken Littles. Well, that sky has fallen. And I’m another chicken little warning that there’s more sky coming down.

But there’s a better Chicken Little than me talking about this.  His name is Ben Shapiro and here’s a link to his article in which he says:

Weeks ago, I wrote that the left “has a new crusade: legitimizing child molestation.” That crusade continues apace today in the pages of The Independent (UK), where psychologist Glenn Wilson writes, “in my studies of the activist group Paedophile Information Exchange, many members admitted sexual feelings for children, which they had been able to turn to social good.” This is nothing new, of course. In early October, led the way in championing the decency of pedophiles.

But now, the Independent is going further, suggesting that pedophiles may actually provide increased social good. “[W]e need to keep a sense of proportion here,” writes Wilson. “There is a danger of becoming hysterical about paedophilia and seeing it everywhere, like witches at Salem, or ‘Commies’ in Hollywood during McCarthyism. Paedophiles do exist, but there are very few of them and not all are child molesters.”

Also, Here we have a judge in Australia blazing a trail. And that’s where the paths for future debauchery are smoothed, in the judiciary, because they’re beyond the poor stupid serf’s political reach. And this judge is no lone ranger.

It will take a little while, but this is for sure coming to your child’s schoolhouse, and is already there to some degree. A little thought goes a long way.  Consider for instance that you’re a pedophile. So just where on this planet can you find masses of young innocent children who are just now beginning to get the first waves of indoctrination into a world in which sex with the teacher, or other adults, might not be such a bad thing after all? Why your friendly public school just down the street from your house, that’s where.

Don’t be the first on your block to have your daughter come home carrying her teacher’s child; or a son carrying his teacher’s AIDS. And please don’t hide your head in the sand. That’s one of the most dangerous things you can do in this cruel, brutal and oversexed zeitgeist.

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Reason 47: Because Confusion Leads To Slavery

Photo taken from linked NYT article

If there’s anything that marks the state’s attempt to educate, it’s confusion. To educate is to teach knowns, or at least what are thought to be knowns. But when everything is in flux, there is no truth. When words mean what a person wants them to mean, then information cannot be conveyed. For thousands of years words meant things. No longer.

From the New York Times

Sex Ed Lesson: ‘Yes means yes,’ but it’s tricky

A photo of the first paragraph in the article:

Screenshot (127)

So here we see poor 15 year olds being told how to have their fun without getting into trouble with those pesky problems that come with sex; problems like babies, venereal diseases and rape charges. But never fear I suppose. If there’s a baby, the government is there to pay for its extermination. If that doesn’t set hunky dory with your child’s heart, well the government will pay for its every need. If there are diseases there’s government to pay to fix your child right back up. If there’s a rape, or your child thinks that perhaps, just maybe, when she said yes she really meant no, then Kaboom! The government will make sure that poor slob pays.

And we all know that poor slob is going to be a young man too; a young man who happened to believe the other lies he’s been indoctrinated into, which is that he can’t not have sex. And besides, it’s so cotton pickin’ fun anyway. Too bad he didn’t buy into the indoctrination that it’d have been especially fun if he’d only enjoyed it with other young boys; or perhaps even better an older man. I’m certain he wouldn’t be wondering about his future, even with his superb state supplied education, as a felon if only he’d taken them up on that one.  In any case, your child will learn the wonders of government dependency at an early age. And that will come in some kind of handy for him in his future of slavery.

So if you just love the idea of sending your child off for an education and have her taught how to have sexual relations without getting into trouble, then you’ll just love the state school.  And if the thoughts of your child being confused about sexuality make you all giddy inside; and if being confused about marriage and the joys of parenthood, and life long commitment, give you the warm fuzzies all over, well by all means sign your child up in a government school ASAP. The condoms are free!

But if this doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to you since penicillin , then keep your children at home, and teach them well.

H/T Moonbattery 

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Reason 46: Because Having Your Children Retreat Is Good When The War Is Lost

The culture is at war with itself. On one side are those who see any boundaries against their ever changing concepts of sexuality as a worthy battle front. On the other side are those who do not want to raise children who are confused about what is true at any given moment. What has been considered deviant behavior throughout history is taught as normal today because battles were fought and lost in classrooms all across America.  Not all battles mind you. But all wars. Nothing has changed. There are new boundaries to be destroyed, and in time they will be, at least in the minds of the leaders of education. And then will come the persecution of those who refuse to bend to the new perversions.

God bless Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for all they do, and I’m very glad they are there. But the real way to win the battles is at the ballot box, but I’m afraid that the very leadership that many now question is the very leadership that they voted for years ago. They chose the government handout, or legalized abortion, or that tax exemption, or a victim status over freedom, and now the piper is here to collect. Those children you send to him for indoctrination are not yours any longer. He will do his best to see to that.

Here we have the ADF reminding a school district, which is apparently confused about gender, that the law, at least for now, does not legislate their confusion. Can anyone imagine a letter like this being sent to a schoolhouse even a decade ago?  It is a plea to hold onto the old boundaries. Well, the district just might well oblige … for a time. But these students will grow up and make sure that the wishes of today’s indoctrinators will be the norm in tomorrow’s institutions.

But your child doesn’t have to live this way. Nor do your children’s children. Your child is a natural learner. You will be his best teacher. Retreat is good when all is lost in the institution.

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Reason 45: Because Lying Is Bad, Especially When Those Who Teach Your Children Incorporate Lies Into Their Education

Elitists are ever looking forward.  In their minds Utopia is just around the corner if only all the stupid people would just do what they tell them to.  But there is no Utopia. The whole thing is a lie. There’s only slavery to the state.

If there’s two things the elites hate, it’s the military, because they use guns against other sovereign states that ought to be left alone to butcher their citizens as they see fit, and citizens with guns, because they keep their own state from butchering the citizens as it sees fit.  And of course the ever elusive Utopia will not arrive until both are done away with.

One of the ways that the elites will bring about this heaven on earth–and of course there are many ways– is to ban the citizen’s ability to smite his fellow man from a distance.  In other words he wants to forbid gun ownership.  Of course the state, being almighty holy and righteous and all, will exempt itself, because if there’s anything an elitist fears more than anything, it’s being attacked by the subjects of his social experiments with no way of defending himself.

For now, the subjects still believe that they ought to be able to defend themselves from the wayward thug elements of their fellow man. So that must be fixed. Guns are to be seen as evil.

So here we have a story of a school banning the 21 gun salute because it glorifies both the dreaded military and evil guns. And there’s no way your masters are going to allow your children to see either in a positive light, lest they grow up thinking that things like nations, military protection and guns are a good thing. From the story:

Administrators at Belle Plaine High School in Belle Plaine say the facility will no longer hold their annual Veteran’s Day assembly on school grounds, claiming the event’s traditional 21 gun salute “promotes gun violence,” according to NBC affiliate KWWL.  (KWWL as sense removed this story)

And of course there are those who are upset; not that it will do any good. Your friendly neighborhood school no longer belongs to the citizens. It is a state indoctrination center, and that it would be deaf and blind to the citizen’s wishes, traditions, or anything else the state has decreed unsavory, should not surprise anyone in the community. What surprises me is that actions like this by the state surprises anyone at all.


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Reason 44: Because The State Sees Your Children As Lemmings

You cannot fill millions and millions of young minds full of socialism and lawlessness for generation after generation and expect your country to go on as it always has. The schoolhouse is the very place boundaries are tested and tested and tested, until they fail, and then new boundaries are tested.  No boundaries are sacred except those in which the state imposes. Old boundaries are in a constant state of usurpation as irate parents go running down to the board meetings to lodge their complaints, over and over again, while continuing to send their children into the indoctrination center as if everything’s just hunky dory.  But know this, the schoolhouse is indoctrinating your child into the state’s way of thinking, because the state needs them to think like the servants they’re going to become.

Here is an article from “The Federalist Papers” that discusses but one aspect of the state’s methods: the participation trophy.  It seems the only thing required for being honored with a trophy is by showing up.  Life is no different, or so these millennials are now being trained to think.  Just survive the womb and you’ve shown up. Now you’re entitled.  And who will be there to ensure you get what you’re entitled to?  Why the state of course. Anyone who disagrees is evil. How do we know that? Why that’s what they taught us at school.

From the article:

Anybody watching can pinpoint [Bernie] Sanders’s millennial appeal, no Ph.D. in voter psychology required. It’s not his youth, hipness or dynamic personality that’s attracting youngsters like a millennial-magnet. It’s his socialism. Socialism may be a bad word among square, non-university-professor Americans, but Sanders and his millennial followers will bend your ear all day long about the fact that you just don’t understand what socialism is.

What is socialism? Simple. Socialism is an economic system in which there are no money worries so everyone does what they are best suited for (except entrepreneurs, of course).

So in droves these young ones who have been trained their entire lives that capitalism is evil and socialism is their savior will go jumping off the cliff of liberty into the bondage of socialism. It may not happen tomorrow. No, tomorrow we will watch what was being taught yesterday come to fruition, just as today we are watching what was being taught before become reality.  But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child. Yes, he will have to live in socialism, but no, he won’t have to be a socialist, and that’s important.

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Reason 43: Because You Live In A Cruel World And 6 Is Too Young An Age To Be Sent Out Amongst It


When A 6-Year-Old Gets Off the Bus in Her Underwear, Mom Never Expected this Excuse From the School

When you put your child on that government bus, you have effectively lost control of her circumstances.  You, and worse your child also, are at the mercy of a cruel institution. Your only hope is that decent human beings will intervene when darkness threatens.  But they aren’t always present.  Such was the case for this poor little girl.

From the article:

The 6-year-old girl was in class at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast when she raised her hand, needing to go to the bathroom. When the teacher reportedly ignored the girl, she did what kids are known to do when they just can’t hold it in any longer, soiling her underwear and pants.

Six year olds are not adults.  They have almost zero life experience. It’s difficult for grown ups, including parents, to grasp that.  It seems silly to us that a child wouldn’t just get up and go if she had to.  But at that age authority is still important and that’s a good thing if the authority is worthy of being honored.  So how did the “authority” handle this six year old’s natural compulsory calling? The answer is nothing short of abuse:

Rather than call the McCurdys to bring a change of clothes, the girl’s parents say that the school forced her to ride home on the school bus in nothing but a soiled shirt and a pair of school-issued underwear. It led to the girl being “picked on, bullied” and “laughed at,” her mother Jennifer said.

It never ceases to amaze me that parents cannot see that the schoolhouse is no friend to their children.  It is a minefield of   abusive teachers and peers, and no child is equipped to negotiate it.

The Dad is now on a campaign and has “hired a lawyer in connection to the incident,explaining that they don’t want any child to be placed in such a situation again.”  Hey Dad, there’s only one way to ensure that.  Bring your child home!  She will get a better education, and she will have a better childhood.

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Reason 42: Because You Will Want Your Children To Know The True Meaning Of Words Like “Democracy” And “Republic”

From The Blaze

Middle school principal withholds student election results because the results aren’t diverse enough

“We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not canceling the election, and we’re not saying this didn’t count,” Van Haren said, adding that she’s called a meeting of student representatives to see how best to move forward.

According to KTVU, Van Haren said she’s considering adding more positions to the student government in an effort to make it more equal.

Here we have a state warden thug who is imposing her views onto her students.  But she forgets one thing that every poor student in her little dominion ought to understand.  “Fair” is subjective.  That’s why all civil societies have a court system.  But tyrants and thugs can’t abide with such things.  Democracy is not fair unless they like the results.  Their ideas of “fair” must be imposed onto everyone, which, as most of her students might guess, is itself not fair.

But one thing is for certain, she is ensuring that the poor students who are placed in her dominion are learning the realities that will be coming their way.  They are learning that “democracy” is a sham, and that there are powers that stand above their votes and constitutions to whom they must submit.  They are also learning that it doesn’t matter what the person you vote for thinks, but rather what they look like, because in the end they have no real power anyway.  She is teaching them that any sense of “democracy” that they may experience in their future lives will only be by the consent of the oligarchy tyrant class.  And with her institution filling the minds of so many with a message of submission, I’m positive that they will need to understand that much, if they understand little else.

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