Reason 21: Because Blind People Make Bad Leaders

From HuffPost:  Lt. Gov. Candidate Suggests Head Start Is Used To Indoctrinate Kids

The important thing to note in this article is that this is a hack job by a political-hack blog.  Well of course Head Start is indoctrinating your children.  If they are not they’re not doing their job.  What do you think?  Are children just little jugs into which you can simply pour information; free of a worldview?  Don’t be stupid.  Just remember this, you are indoctrinated.  I’m indoctrinated.  And most importantly, your children will be indoctrinated.  The only question is, by whom?  And with what?

Personally, it’s odd to me that the authors of this piece seem mystified that any human being would make such a claim.  They’re already behind the 8-ball.  They don’t even know that they are approaching this Candidate with their own presuppositions in place; and that’s bad.  But worse, their thinking, or lack of it, is no different than the majority of the system that won’ts to educate your child.  So if you like the murder of babies, hated of gender distinctions, perverted fantasies concerning sexuality and family, the victim mentality and state worship, by all means get your child into Head Start just as soon as they’ll take him.

But keep in mind that, even though they’re fine people working in that system, they are under the thumb of the blind overloads who are blind to their own blindness.  And when someone who can see says something, they attack him; especially if he’s running for political office.  They must attack him, lest he point things out to the people, and it make sense to them, and their presuppositions end up earlier where they’re already heading.

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