Reason 24: Because The Constitution Says Nothing About Separation Of Mosque And State

From The Atlanta Journal And Constitution

Some parents concerned about how Islam is taught in schools

Yes, the constitution never said a thing about separation of church and state, but no matter, it’s taught in school and that’s all that matters.  And forget the Bible Belt.  Yes, there is probably some truth to the idea that there is a demographic swath of people living in the southland that attend church regularly.  But those churches are not indoctrinating their congregations to be as shrewd as serpents.  They are sending their children to government embassies for a different sort of indoctrination; that of pluralism and multiculturalism, which is built on the foundation of secular humanism.  Children are to be indoctrinated to see Christianity as just another religion, one of many, all of which must submit to the state, especially concerning its capricious decrees concerning  morality.  So if the state says murdering babies is an awesome thing, or that marriage can mean anything to anyone, or that all humanity can and must adjust the temperature of the planet, then no one is to question the state lest they suffer the wrath of the state’s justice.

Islam is being used as a tool to this end.  But the state seems unable to realize that it is playing with fire.  Islam is not like other religions, but the elites are too dull to understand it.  They see a future with all religions getting along just fine under the watchful eye of the state, ushering in a Utopia with no superstitious idiots questioning their authority.  But secular humanism is no match for Islam.  The state, and all its secular humanist elites, will end up bowing the knee to Islam or suffer death.

So the headline reads parents are concerned about how Islam is taught in school?  Are they so sedated that they don’t see what is going on right before their eyes?  One is concerned about a child’s grades.  One is concerned about a child getting into a little trouble.  But to be “concerned” about a child being indoctrinated into a religion known for its violence and tyranny around the world defies logic.  Remember, you are not with your child for the thousands of hours he spends under the secular humanist’s control.  You only hear the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these things.  The correct reaction to this story ought to terror.  And a terrorfied parent ought to rescue their child from the mess that is public education.

A big Hat Tip to Colin Gunn and the “Indoctrination Movie for this story”

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