Reason 26: Because The State Teaches Insanity As Sanity

Every little boy and girl has confusion concerning a number of issues.  But God help your child if they are a little confused about who they are in public school.  Of course if your child is confused on what ought to be tolerated, and what ought not be, that is fixable.  But if a little girl feels a little tom boyish, that feeling will be leveraged to turn your child insane if possible.  Public school is hostile toward your children, and you really need to accept that fact.

From CBN News:

Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

Quotes from the video:

And while we are talking specifically about fairfax I think it is important for people to understand that this is happening across the country, so I may talk about Virginia, but listen carefully for your own community… Starting in kindergarten they’ll talk to them about same sex or gay  marriage, and the parents will not be able to opt out.  One of the big issues is that in Virginia parents can opt their children out of certain parts of the “Family Life Education”, and so now what they’re doing is to move parts of it from Family Life Education to Health so that the parents cannot opt their children out.

Remember that this has come to light, be it ever so dim.  But you can be confident that their are enough agents working beneath the surface in the state who are dedicated to corrupting your child’s mind, that they are going to, not only be exposed to this, but they will be exposed to it in a positive light while their parents will be painted as intolerant monsters.   Is it worth the risk?  Is getting that “good” education so that your child will have a shot at that sinchy office job while his life falls apart all around seem like a good plan to you?

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