Reason 27: Because More Bibles Equals Less Guns, So Less Bibles Equals More Guns

October 8th is bring your Bible to school day.

There was a saner time in America.  In fact, all the time has been saner than the last quarter century. In saner times not every child took their Bible to school.  Not even most children took their Bibles to school.  But those who did were not ridiculed, and more likely than not were respected for their faith.  There was no need then for a movement founded on a day of “taking your Bible to school“, along with the risking of harassment, bad grades and possible expulsion.  But when you send your child to public school with a Bible in his hand in this day, that’s exactly what you will be asking your child to do.

Of course in those saner times no one was wringing their hands over what to do about school massacres either.  But if it’s incessantly drilled into children’s heads for 15 plus years that there is no ultimate right and wrong, no meaning in life, and no purpose; and if you also drill into their young minds to the contrary, that he is evil who insists that there is meaning, purpose and ultimate right and wrong, then no one should be surprised that some children will actually live out that teaching to its logical conclusion.  Life is meaningless, it’s no better or worse to murder a fellow student than to help him pass an exam.  That is the logical conclusion of secular humanism.

So the excellent people at Alliance Defending Freedom are promoting a “take your Bible to school day”, which I think is an excellent idea, and we here are all for it.  But as a parent, raising a child in this confused generation, I’m afraid that taking a Bible to school will not fix the problems that face government instituted education.  God is rejected from that institution from top down, and Secular Humanism has placed the state in His stead.  And while God’s Word will not ever return void, ink on paper will.

Watch this video that shows the dire state of public schools.  The school is bound for the time being to allow Christian students to bring their Bibles to school…  for the time being.  But it should send shivers up the mind of any parent that hostility is the mindset against your children in state schools if they are really Christians.

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