Reason 28: Because The State Isn’t God

Education is indoctrination.  It is impossible to separate the two.  That academic knowledge is received in the classroom doesn’t mean that it administered free of a worldview.  Unfortunately in these modern times the state has given itself over to a religion.  To send your child to public school is to send your child to a religious school.  And worse, it is a religion that does not tolerate other religions.  That religion is Secular Humanism.

The deceptive thing about the state’s established religion is that it claims to be tolerant of other religions.  And it is tolerant just so long as those religions pay homage to the god of Secular Humanism, which is the state.  The state will not only determine and indoctrinate its “morality” into your children, it will also determine what history was, what science is, even what truth is.  That academics is taught in school must not be construed as it is safe to send your child there.

But if you want your child steeped in Secular Humanism; if you want him to worship the state as his provider,  as the final arbiter of all truth, and as master, then by all means the state school is where you want to keep your child.  The state needs servants and ants to keep it wealthy and powerful, and it has become a master at using the tools at its disposal to do it.  One of those tools, perhaps the most important one, is the public school system.  And please don’t think the teachers are necessarily on board with this program.  They don’t need to be.  They are themselves products of the system at best, involuntary servants of the state who must fall in line or lose their income.  At worst, they are willing participants of the state, evangelist who apply constant pressure to what ever boundaries are left of the old American way.

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