Reason 29: Because Who Would Want Their Child To Go Through This?

This video shows a smaller child harassing a larger classmate who didn’t appear to want to fight, but rather appeared to want very much to be left alone.  He might well have been in school for other reasons than fighting, like… I don’t know… perhaps an education.  It was my own similar experiences that caused me to never give public school more than a passing thought for my children.  And if what I experienced 40 plus years ago was bad, what could it possibly be like today?

You must realize that you are living in a rotting, fatherless culture.  But there is a problem in realizing that fact; probably because we are so steeped in it ourselves that the rottenness of it is difficult to see.  We have nothing to compare it to, plus we played our own parts in the deterioration so we think that social decay is itself the norm and to be expected.  But a lost culture is going to produce lost offspring, some of which get their thrills from preying on the weak.  And to believe that a handful of “officials” can monitor and protect a thousand children from harassment and harm is folly.

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