Reason 31: Because There Are Absolutes, And Children Need To Know That

If your children are being “educated” by the state, they are being indoctrinated into a vacuous worldview.  Their ears, minds and hearts will be filled with undefinable words like “social justice”, “wealth disparity” and “climate change”, to name a few.  But worse, even words that were once definable will morph into emotion based expressions of illogic.  Words like, “judge”, “tolerance”, “love”, “fair”, “peace”, “liberty”, “diversity”  and even “right” and “wrong”, which once had meaning, will cease to mean anything except what the state wants them to mean.  Within the confines of an apparent formless value system absolutes are established.  Absolutes like, it is absolutely true that nothing is absolutely true.  It is forbidden to forbid.  It is absolutely wrong to impose your ideas of right and wrong onto another, and so on.

In public school your children will be immersed in a world where the reference point for all values is supposed to exist between the ears of each individual.  But that is an illusion.  The real reference point is the state.  That is the reason God is not allowed.  It is because even the concept of God interferes with the state’s forming of your child’s mind. And while each mind is programmed to think that there are no absolutes, or sources of absolutes, the state is at the same time defining what is absolute.  In fact that is the goal.  It is after all, indoctrination.

So what is the goal?  Utopia of course.  Elites think that if they can finally run the world, and train children to become their idea of model citizens, that peace on earth will finally reign.  They see themselves as little gods and your children as specimens upon which to experiment.  If that sounds like a grand idea to you, then public school is a panacea for you when it comes to raising your child.

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