Reason 32: Because Diversity Is Conformity, And You And Your Child WILL Conform

From News Weekly

They don’t want diversity but to impose conformity

Whether a story comes from Australia, Great Britain or Florida, it is the same mindset because it is a Western mindset.  This story is from Australia, but it could just as well be from the buckle of the “Bible Belt”.  It is a story about bullies accusing of bullying.

It seems some parents still hold out that their children can get a good education at the state’s school house without the indoctrination.  So when the state does what it does, which is to subject the children in its charge to propaganda films–this one happens to be about the glory of homosexuality–some parents want to opt out and according to one senator, that’s bullying.  Evidently “bullying” has morphed into the new-speak.

Tolerance is another word that has become new-speak.  It once meant… well to tolerate.  But you would do well to understand that word in its new-speak as “accept”, because acceptance of the state’s values is the only thing that will be tolerated.

HT, Glenn Chatfield 


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