Reason 40: Because Testing Is Not Teaching

As a homeschooler we administer standardized testing.  But even though it is our children who write the tests, it is not they who are being tested.  No, it is us, their parents / teachers.  We want to be tested you see, because we love our children, and we want to make sure that we’re doing an adequate job of passing along the knowledge that they’ll need in life.

In the institution the testing is similar but twisted.  It is similar in that it is the institution that is tested through your child.  But it is twisted in that it is the institution that is the central concern of the institution.  The motivation of the decision makers in the institution is for the best interests of the institution.  That the institution’s existence is based on training your child is secondary.  Your child is a statistic reported to higher ups.  That’s just how it rolls in institutions.

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