Reason 41:  Because Do You Really Want Those Who Can’t Discern The Obvious Teaching Your Children?

There’s nothing new about being mentally challenged.  Throughout history that a small segment of society is sick has been a given.  It has also been a given that a small segment of that small segment has been sick in their minds.  And like other people who are sick they are in many ways at the mercy of society at large.  They need its help, not its celebration of their sickness.

But modernity is different.  What has always been obvious is no longer so in the minds of the elites who will be making the decisions in your state school. These elitist minds who are obviously more susceptible to groupthink than reason have disconnected  themselves from objective reality.  And having done that who knows where they will drift as they take the institution, that you have charged to form your child’s mind, deeper into unknown territory?

Case in point:

From CNS News:

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has informed District 211, Illinois’ largest school district, that it is in violation of federal law by refusing to allow a male student who identifies as female to use the girl’s locker room.

The student, whose name has been kept private, first filed a complaint with support from the ACLU of Illinois in early 2014. Following precedent in two similar cases in California, District 211 was informed that depriving the student of equal access to facilities violates Title IX’s sex nondiscrimination protections calling such treatment “inadequate and discriminatory.”

Here we can see a battle taking place between the sensible majority of parents and educators, and those who will ultimately decide how far down the path of insanity the state institution will be required to tread.  And make no mistake, no matter the outcome of this particular battle, which will not likely be a win for students, it is but a battle.  Folly will have setbacks, but it will not be dissuaded.  Anyone born before the 70’s will remember when these same sorts of battles took place surrounding homosexuality.  There were setbacks with that agenda as well, but sanity did not prevail.  Transgenderism is well down that road and on the horizon looms pedohpilia, and who knows what next.  And of course your school house is where the most important battles will be fought, because that is where the minds of the next generation are formed to accept what history has emphatically rejected.  The majority of these children will see transgenderism has self-evidently normal, and they will also be the ones confused on pedophilia as they grapple with teachers fondling, impregnating and killing the offspring of willing students.  And no matter what the parents who sent their children into the madhouse for an “education” want, the usual cadre of organized perverts will be there in force, with the federal government in tow, to ensure that insanity prevails.

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