Reason 44: Because The State Sees Your Children As Lemmings

You cannot fill millions and millions of young minds full of socialism and lawlessness for generation after generation and expect your country to go on as it always has. The schoolhouse is the very place boundaries are tested and tested and tested, until they fail, and then new boundaries are tested.  No boundaries are sacred except those in which the state imposes. Old boundaries are in a constant state of usurpation as irate parents go running down to the board meetings to lodge their complaints, over and over again, while continuing to send their children into the indoctrination center as if everything’s just hunky dory.  But know this, the schoolhouse is indoctrinating your child into the state’s way of thinking, because the state needs them to think like the servants they’re going to become.

Here is an article from “The Federalist Papers” that discusses but one aspect of the state’s methods: the participation trophy.  It seems the only thing required for being honored with a trophy is by showing up.  Life is no different, or so these millennials are now being trained to think.  Just survive the womb and you’ve shown up. Now you’re entitled.  And who will be there to ensure you get what you’re entitled to?  Why the state of course. Anyone who disagrees is evil. How do we know that? Why that’s what they taught us at school.

From the article:

Anybody watching can pinpoint [Bernie] Sanders’s millennial appeal, no Ph.D. in voter psychology required. It’s not his youth, hipness or dynamic personality that’s attracting youngsters like a millennial-magnet. It’s his socialism. Socialism may be a bad word among square, non-university-professor Americans, but Sanders and his millennial followers will bend your ear all day long about the fact that you just don’t understand what socialism is.

What is socialism? Simple. Socialism is an economic system in which there are no money worries so everyone does what they are best suited for (except entrepreneurs, of course).

So in droves these young ones who have been trained their entire lives that capitalism is evil and socialism is their savior will go jumping off the cliff of liberty into the bondage of socialism. It may not happen tomorrow. No, tomorrow we will watch what was being taught yesterday come to fruition, just as today we are watching what was being taught before become reality.  But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child. Yes, he will have to live in socialism, but no, he won’t have to be a socialist, and that’s important.

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