Reason 46: Because Having Your Children Retreat Is Good When The War Is Lost

The culture is at war with itself. On one side are those who see any boundaries against their ever changing concepts of sexuality as a worthy battle front. On the other side are those who do not want to raise children who are confused about what is true at any given moment. What has been considered deviant behavior throughout history is taught as normal today because battles were fought and lost in classrooms all across America.  Not all battles mind you. But all wars. Nothing has changed. There are new boundaries to be destroyed, and in time they will be, at least in the minds of the leaders of education. And then will come the persecution of those who refuse to bend to the new perversions.

God bless Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for all they do, and I’m very glad they are there. But the real way to win the battles is at the ballot box, but I’m afraid that the very leadership that many now question is the very leadership that they voted for years ago. They chose the government handout, or legalized abortion, or that tax exemption, or a victim status over freedom, and now the piper is here to collect. Those children you send to him for indoctrination are not yours any longer. He will do his best to see to that.

Here we have the ADF reminding a school district, which is apparently confused about gender, that the law, at least for now, does not legislate their confusion. Can anyone imagine a letter like this being sent to a schoolhouse even a decade ago?  It is a plea to hold onto the old boundaries. Well, the district just might well oblige … for a time. But these students will grow up and make sure that the wishes of today’s indoctrinators will be the norm in tomorrow’s institutions.

But your child doesn’t have to live this way. Nor do your children’s children. Your child is a natural learner. You will be his best teacher. Retreat is good when all is lost in the institution.

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