Reason 47: Because Confusion Leads To Slavery

Photo taken from linked NYT article

If there’s anything that marks the state’s attempt to educate, it’s confusion. To educate is to teach knowns, or at least what are thought to be knowns. But when everything is in flux, there is no truth. When words mean what a person wants them to mean, then information cannot be conveyed. For thousands of years words meant things. No longer.

From the New York Times

Sex Ed Lesson: ‘Yes means yes,’ but it’s tricky

A photo of the first paragraph in the article:

Screenshot (127)

So here we see poor 15 year olds being told how to have their fun without getting into trouble with those pesky problems that come with sex; problems like babies, venereal diseases and rape charges. But never fear I suppose. If there’s a baby, the government is there to pay for its extermination. If that doesn’t set hunky dory with your child’s heart, well the government will pay for its every need. If there are diseases there’s government to pay to fix your child right back up. If there’s a rape, or your child thinks that perhaps, just maybe, when she said yes she really meant no, then Kaboom! The government will make sure that poor slob pays.

And we all know that poor slob is going to be a young man too; a young man who happened to believe the other lies he’s been indoctrinated into, which is that he can’t not have sex. And besides, it’s so cotton pickin’ fun anyway. Too bad he didn’t buy into the indoctrination that it’d have been especially fun if he’d only enjoyed it with other young boys; or perhaps even better an older man. I’m certain he wouldn’t be wondering about his future, even with his superb state supplied education, as a felon if only he’d taken them up on that one.  In any case, your child will learn the wonders of government dependency at an early age. And that will come in some kind of handy for him in his future of slavery.

So if you just love the idea of sending your child off for an education and have her taught how to have sexual relations without getting into trouble, then you’ll just love the state school.  And if the thoughts of your child being confused about sexuality make you all giddy inside; and if being confused about marriage and the joys of parenthood, and life long commitment, give you the warm fuzzies all over, well by all means sign your child up in a government school ASAP. The condoms are free!

But if this doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to you since penicillin , then keep your children at home, and teach them well.

H/T Moonbattery 

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