Reason 48: Because The School House Is At The Cutting Edge Of This New Trend

By the time I was in high school the stigma associated with unmarried sex had evaporated. So I watched our society reap in earnest its first crop of abortions, single moms, fatherless children and STD’s.  Old restraints were being cast off without the first thought as to why they were ever put there in the first place. This means that I’ve never actually lived in a world in which there was a stigma associated with premarital sex and promiscuity. But such a world hasn’t always existed. It’s just that these things were incrementally destigmatized in previous generations. And there’s been quite a few increments of destigmatization to pass under the bridge since. But there’s a new thing on the horizon that ought to scare anyone who is looking to trust the state to look after their children, and that’s pedophilia.

If you’ve lived through one thing in history you’re quick to pick up on the same sort of thing when it begins to repeat itself. I can remember, for example, homosexuality when it was just beginning to impose itself onto society. It was of course frowned upon. And all who warned of where it would lead were referred to as Chicken Littles. Well, that sky has fallen. And I’m another chicken little warning that there’s more sky coming down.

But there’s a better Chicken Little than me talking about this.  His name is Ben Shapiro and here’s a link to his article in which he says:

Weeks ago, I wrote that the left “has a new crusade: legitimizing child molestation.” That crusade continues apace today in the pages of The Independent (UK), where psychologist Glenn Wilson writes, “in my studies of the activist group Paedophile Information Exchange, many members admitted sexual feelings for children, which they had been able to turn to social good.” This is nothing new, of course. In early October, led the way in championing the decency of pedophiles.

But now, the Independent is going further, suggesting that pedophiles may actually provide increased social good. “[W]e need to keep a sense of proportion here,” writes Wilson. “There is a danger of becoming hysterical about paedophilia and seeing it everywhere, like witches at Salem, or ‘Commies’ in Hollywood during McCarthyism. Paedophiles do exist, but there are very few of them and not all are child molesters.”

Also, Here we have a judge in Australia blazing a trail. And that’s where the paths for future debauchery are smoothed, in the judiciary, because they’re beyond the poor stupid serf’s political reach. And this judge is no lone ranger.

It will take a little while, but this is for sure coming to your child’s schoolhouse, and is already there to some degree. A little thought goes a long way.  Consider for instance that you’re a pedophile. So just where on this planet can you find masses of young innocent children who are just now beginning to get the first waves of indoctrination into a world in which sex with the teacher, or other adults, might not be such a bad thing after all? Why your friendly public school just down the street from your house, that’s where.

Don’t be the first on your block to have your daughter come home carrying her teacher’s child; or a son carrying his teacher’s AIDS. And please don’t hide your head in the sand. That’s one of the most dangerous things you can do in this cruel, brutal and oversexed zeitgeist.

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