Reason 49: Because Your Child Ought To Understand That There’s A Good Reason To Have A Country

Those who make the real decisions  in the schoolhouse down the street are the same kind of people who buy the line that only sophisticated people can see the emperor’s cloths. It’s all pretend. But unfortunately we live in a serious world, and play pretend is dangerous when you grow up and deal with serious issues.

One of the ways that leftist play pretend is in the idea of nationalism. In their pretend world there are no nations, no need for armies, guns, and all the other things that have for the entire history of man been the reality, are simply pretended away. The thinking goes something like this. Pretend a thing you want to be true is true, then it will become true. Men can pretend to be women, wrong can be pretended to be right, we can pretend that windmills will replace oil, we can pretend that man can adjust the temperature of his planet, we can pretend that Islam is peaceful and that Utopia is just around the corner.

Another thing we can pretend is that no nation or culture is any better than any other, only different. That way we don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that we live in the best nation on earth, so great in fact that people seek to come here from all over the world. But we won’t think about that, because were pretending.

This is exactly what’s happening in Arizona where this school district decided that it would ban anything patriotic.  Of course if you don’t understand the pretend world that liberals live in, this would boggle the mind.  They use the power of the nation to ban those who want to celebrate that same nation, because it might… offend? No, this is about a pretend world that does not exist in reality.  And if you want your child to be raised by those who must live in the realities of the real world, you most definitely will not want to send them to a government school. Because all government schools are run by blue minded people, even those in the hearts of red states.



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2 responses to “Reason 49: Because Your Child Ought To Understand That There’s A Good Reason To Have A Country

  1. I am sooooooo tired about the PC people – including schools — not wanting to offend anyone. What about offending me by not allowing patriotic items? It’s okay to offend me and those like me?!?!?! You bunch of hypocrite liberals lemmings!!

    • I’ve come to expect this sort of things, though it makes no sense. Well, I guess it does if you’re pretending that what you want to be true actually is, then everything makes sense.

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