Reason 50: Because Your Child Will Be Taught Lies About Religious Freedom

The government school down the street is a religious institution… and you need to know that. Your child will be taught a religion there. What religion? Secular Humanism, a religion that is intolerant of Christianity because it doesn’t bow its knee to the humanists. And such defyance cannot and indeed will not, be tolerated by the state.

So we have Joe Kennedy, a Christian football coach who dares to do something so terrible that it has lots of people up in arms. He says a little prayer at the end of the game… in public. Gasp! State forbid any student think there is a God beyond the state.

From Breitbart:

Although Kennedy does not instruct or encourage any students to join him when he prays, the school board had ordered him never again to pray in public.

After each football game for the past seven years, Kennedy, who is the assistant coach of the high school’s football team, waits until the players have left the football field, then walks onto the 50-yard line to kneel in quiet prayer for his students, thanking God for a good game and for the opportunity to be involved in his student’s lives, and praying for God’s blessing on their future. The prayer is very short—typically less than 30 seconds.

Make no mistake, those who have provided the foundation for making the decision to teach this coach a lesson for bowing his knee to anyone but the state, in public, and those who are complaining that the school is tolerating it, are cut from the same cloth. And all the while these students are being taught that they have religious freedom, because it is in our constitution. Yes, freedom with a million caveats. The students who have begun to pray with this coach are getting more education than they bargained for.

If you are going to teach your child about the real freedoms in the constitution, freedoms that have been stolen from you through state indoctrination, then you’re going to have to bring them home.

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