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Reason 41:  Because Do You Really Want Those Who Can’t Discern The Obvious Teaching Your Children?

There’s nothing new about being mentally challenged.  Throughout history that a small segment of society is sick has been a given.  It has also been a given that a small segment of that small segment has been sick in their minds.  And like other people who are sick they are in many ways at the mercy of society at large.  They need its help, not its celebration of their sickness.

But modernity is different.  What has always been obvious is no longer so in the minds of the elites who will be making the decisions in your state school. These elitist minds who are obviously more susceptible to groupthink than reason have disconnected  themselves from objective reality.  And having done that who knows where they will drift as they take the institution, that you have charged to form your child’s mind, deeper into unknown territory?

Case in point:

From CNS News:

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has informed District 211, Illinois’ largest school district, that it is in violation of federal law by refusing to allow a male student who identifies as female to use the girl’s locker room.

The student, whose name has been kept private, first filed a complaint with support from the ACLU of Illinois in early 2014. Following precedent in two similar cases in California, District 211 was informed that depriving the student of equal access to facilities violates Title IX’s sex nondiscrimination protections calling such treatment “inadequate and discriminatory.”

Here we can see a battle taking place between the sensible majority of parents and educators, and those who will ultimately decide how far down the path of insanity the state institution will be required to tread.  And make no mistake, no matter the outcome of this particular battle, which will not likely be a win for students, it is but a battle.  Folly will have setbacks, but it will not be dissuaded.  Anyone born before the 70’s will remember when these same sorts of battles took place surrounding homosexuality.  There were setbacks with that agenda as well, but sanity did not prevail.  Transgenderism is well down that road and on the horizon looms pedohpilia, and who knows what next.  And of course your school house is where the most important battles will be fought, because that is where the minds of the next generation are formed to accept what history has emphatically rejected.  The majority of these children will see transgenderism has self-evidently normal, and they will also be the ones confused on pedophilia as they grapple with teachers fondling, impregnating and killing the offspring of willing students.  And no matter what the parents who sent their children into the madhouse for an “education” want, the usual cadre of organized perverts will be there in force, with the federal government in tow, to ensure that insanity prevails.

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Reason 40: Because Testing Is Not Teaching

As a homeschooler we administer standardized testing.  But even though it is our children who write the tests, it is not they who are being tested.  No, it is us, their parents / teachers.  We want to be tested you see, because we love our children, and we want to make sure that we’re doing an adequate job of passing along the knowledge that they’ll need in life.

In the institution the testing is similar but twisted.  It is similar in that it is the institution that is tested through your child.  But it is twisted in that it is the institution that is the central concern of the institution.  The motivation of the decision makers in the institution is for the best interests of the institution.  That the institution’s existence is based on training your child is secondary.  Your child is a statistic reported to higher ups.  That’s just how it rolls in institutions.

Screenshot (123)

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Reason 39: Because The State Can’t Protect Your Child From The Same Mentality It Instills

From Fox News

4 teens arrested in alleged shooting plot at high school

Here we have four children who were taught that their existence is the result of “survival of the fittest”.  In fact, they have been in a state institution where the acknowledgement of God is illegal for those in authority, and is frowned upon for the students.  So it only stands to reason that there will be some who will actually believe what they are taught and even live it out.  Throw in the meaninglessness of life that the state teaches, mixed with incessant bullying and you have a recipe for disasters.

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Reason 38: Because How To Overcome A Bully’s abuse Is Not What A Child Should Have To Learn In Their School

This is a nice story.  A boy dumps superglue into a girl’s hair and she overcomes.  But there is a much larger story behind this story which is that it is not an unusual story, yet it is an unusual story.  That this girl had the wherewithal to overcome this particular prank is unusual.  But it is usual in that millions of students in the same way silently endure living hells in the state school system every year.  There’s another story also, which was that the punishment that the boy who did this received for his assault barely qualified as punishment.  From the article: “After the horrific act, the superglue culprit only received one in-school suspension.”

It only stands to reason that in a school that teaches children that their very existence is due to “survival of the fittest”, that the strong would receive a slap on the wrist for preying on the weak, just for kicks.  And, as these children endure abuse so torturous that it drives some even to suicide, they will at the same time be taught that social justice is the most important endeavor that can be pursued by man or woman.  I hope that these students will understand that the “justice” meted out by these officials is not justice, social or otherwise.


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Reason 37: Because There Is An Agenda, And The State School Is A Tool In That Agenda

I am not a conspiracy theorist.  There is no hidden and secret conspiracy.  But there is an agenda, and it’s no secret.  This is perhaps one of the best films I’ve seen on the matter, and of course the state school is the bulldozer in pushing this agenda through.  It prepares the minds of children to become servants of an elite class that will make our Vacationer And Chief look like a pauper.

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Reason 36: Because Teachers Who Love Their Students Make Great Teachers

Screenshot (122)

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October 16, 2015 · 12:21 pm

Reason 34: Because Who Wants To Let A Hypocrite Practice Temperance Vicariously Through Their Children?

Screenshot (121)

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October 14, 2015 · 5:21 am

Reason 33: Because Religious Holidays Still Exist In Your Child’s School, Only It’s A Different Religion

Behind the image of “Mother Earth” is all sorts of evil.


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Reason 32: Because Diversity Is Conformity, And You And Your Child WILL Conform

From News Weekly

They don’t want diversity but to impose conformity

Whether a story comes from Australia, Great Britain or Florida, it is the same mindset because it is a Western mindset.  This story is from Australia, but it could just as well be from the buckle of the “Bible Belt”.  It is a story about bullies accusing of bullying.

It seems some parents still hold out that their children can get a good education at the state’s school house without the indoctrination.  So when the state does what it does, which is to subject the children in its charge to propaganda films–this one happens to be about the glory of homosexuality–some parents want to opt out and according to one senator, that’s bullying.  Evidently “bullying” has morphed into the new-speak.

Tolerance is another word that has become new-speak.  It once meant… well to tolerate.  But you would do well to understand that word in its new-speak as “accept”, because acceptance of the state’s values is the only thing that will be tolerated.

HT, Glenn Chatfield 


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Reason 31: Because There Are Absolutes, And Children Need To Know That

If your children are being “educated” by the state, they are being indoctrinated into a vacuous worldview.  Their ears, minds and hearts will be filled with undefinable words like “social justice”, “wealth disparity” and “climate change”, to name a few.  But worse, even words that were once definable will morph into emotion based expressions of illogic.  Words like, “judge”, “tolerance”, “love”, “fair”, “peace”, “liberty”, “diversity”  and even “right” and “wrong”, which once had meaning, will cease to mean anything except what the state wants them to mean.  Within the confines of an apparent formless value system absolutes are established.  Absolutes like, it is absolutely true that nothing is absolutely true.  It is forbidden to forbid.  It is absolutely wrong to impose your ideas of right and wrong onto another, and so on.

In public school your children will be immersed in a world where the reference point for all values is supposed to exist between the ears of each individual.  But that is an illusion.  The real reference point is the state.  That is the reason God is not allowed.  It is because even the concept of God interferes with the state’s forming of your child’s mind. And while each mind is programmed to think that there are no absolutes, or sources of absolutes, the state is at the same time defining what is absolute.  In fact that is the goal.  It is after all, indoctrination.

So what is the goal?  Utopia of course.  Elites think that if they can finally run the world, and train children to become their idea of model citizens, that peace on earth will finally reign.  They see themselves as little gods and your children as specimens upon which to experiment.  If that sounds like a grand idea to you, then public school is a panacea for you when it comes to raising your child.

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