Reason 52: Because The Institution Known As Education Has Gone Mad

One possible attribute of the insane is that they don’t live in reality. They can be confused about what is real and what is pretend. The same might be said about the heads of school districts. They are becoming increasingly insane in increasing numbers as more and more of them think that their pretend world is reality and that actual reality is evil. I don’t know how else to put it. This insanity is one of the best reasons I can think of to flee the institution. Sane people know insanity when they see it.

Case in point: From Breitbart

A Denair, California high school student has made history as the city’s first openly transgender cheerleader.

Here’s all you need to know from the article:

Still, Fuentes has the support of the school district’s leadership.

“We’ve dealt with Anry like we’ve dealt with all students: we welcome them all, we support all the kids on their journey through life,” Denair Unified School District Superintendent Aaron Rosander told KTXL.

Of course this is a lie. All are not welcome, and these elitists don’t “support all the kids on their journey through life”.  But they pretend that they do, and that’s all that matters to them. So let’s look at the truth. Let’s just set aside the fact that this elitist, speaking on behalf of the school district, would in no way support anyone that didn’t buy into the state’s decreed morality like he does. And let us instead look to something even more demented.

This young man is not well. No young man who has lost touch with reality is well, that reality being that this young man is a young man. This school district is adding to his harm by celebrating it.

But that’s the age in which we now find ourselves. We live in a society that has elected this sort of nonsense, even though the majority of it, for the time being anyway, still has a little bit of a foothold in reality. I only say, “for the time being” because every new generation of voters is being indoctrinated by this kind of institutional leadership. We have cast off the whole of human history as if everything that has happened up until these men, who consider themselves wise, finally figured out that humanity has not only always been wrong, it has been evil too. But not now, thanks to them. That my friends is not reality. It is delusion.

So, if you love the idea of patronizing confused boys and girls, and young men and young women, then by all means get your child down to the nearest government school house just as quick as you can. Who knows what kind of demented creature they’ll celebrate sending back to you.

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