Reason 54: Because Your Child Will Be Immersed In A Sea Of Bad Influences

I’ll take the opportunity of this post to speak well of all those poor souls who, day in and day out, fight the school system, endure the disrespectful students and suffer the radical insanity of their fellow teachers. In this article by Independent Journal we have a student surprised because she’s been suspended for and extended period because she threw a “baby” carrot at a teacher. But it was only a baby carrot, right?  What’s the big deal?

From the article:

Student Aliya May was leaving class earlier this year at Moody Middle School when she spotted a former teacher in the hallway. The 14-year-old though it would be funny to toss a baby carrot – which WTVR notes was less than 2 inches in length – at her old instructor. Unfortunately for Aliya, it seems that the tiny vegetable wound up hitting the teacher in the forehead, an offense that caused the school to suspend her.

It’s not about the size of the carrot. It’s about a mentality that thinks the size of the carrot matters. And in this case, even the conservative website is siding with the student. But there is a mentality that must be recognized here; a mentality that is prevalent in the system; and a mentality that is reinforced by the school system’s established religion. Man is the determiner of his own right and wrong, and no one else. That is secular humanism’s source of ethics. And what we see here is simply someone living that out. The school system is acting hypocritical here, not the student. It teaches secular humanism, then expects students to behave as if the very thing they teach isn’t true. I stand with the school on this one. Though they are being hypocritical, their actions align well with my views on objective moral standards. But that so many do not grasp this, even the news reporter and the conservative blog, is a testament to how far things have fallen. And if I looked to culture, or even the schoolhouse and the elites who run it, for my moral compass, I’d think the school has gone too far too.

Your children, if they’re to have any hope of a happy life, will need much more than an education. They will find virtually none of the foundational material suitable to build a happy life in the schoolhouse; not from most teachers, who even if they had knowledge of what is needed are forbidden to teach it, or from their peers.


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