Reason 56: Because The Institution Would Rather Your Child Die Than Admit That It Is Accountable To God

There is your schoolhouse down the street. And then there are the cold hearted elitists who are bent on eradicating submission to, or recognition of, anyone or anything but themselves as the final arbiters of truth.

Case in point. Meet Luke Keller, a high school football player. But he wasn’t always that all-American healthy kid. No, he had a bout of setbacks in life.  According to the “Independent Journal” article, “his dad left when he was ten years old, his grandmother, who had lived with him, passed away from cancer, and his grandfather had been sentenced to prison.”  Of course his school had no answers. He began to entertain thoughts of suicide, like so many his age. But then he had an experience with God and those thoughts have since ceased.  So now every time he scores a touchdown for his team, he points to the sky to give any glory that some might want to bestow on him to God, which is right and fitting. But it also rubs the God-hating institution the wrong way.

And of course when we say “God”, we mean the God of Christianity. Most everyone inherently knows that if Luke Keller was a Muslim, the referee would be drummed out of a job for calling a penalty if he gave recognition to Allah. For whatever reason, the institution is infatuated with Islam.

Unfortunately for every poor soul who attends public school however, God is to not be mentioned there because He challenges their authority. Nevermind the positive influence He’s had on Luke Keller, and so many like him. The institution will not be challenged, and if that means some kids commit suicide because of the meaninglessness they instill, then so be it.


But there is a wonderful school that can preach and teach God all it wants. That’s your school… in your own house.

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