Reason 57: Because School Is A Hostile Place For Those Who Believe In God

Most teachers are probably decent human beings. They simply go to work, do their jobs, and then come home. But then you have your activists, your antagonists, and you also have your atheist proselytizers. Here we have an atheist proselytizer:

From You Tube

Texas Teacher Forced 7th Graders To Deny That God Is Real Or Get Failing Grade

If you’re going to send your  children to the state for an “education”, you need to know that you are sending them to a religious school.

The religion is Secular Humanism, and it is the established religion in America. So, again, your children will be taught to see the world from a Secular Humanist’s perspective in public school.

Of course not every teacher will come out and say this, indeed not every teacher is a Secular Humanist. But just think about it, what would have happened to this teacher if she’d mentioned that Jesus is the only way to Salvation? Would the reaction have been the same? No! Most certainly not.

Anyone can work at or attend public school without being followers of the religion of Secular Humanism. But that’s the way of this religion. All religions are okay in its eyes, just so long as they submit themselves to man, man being the social elites who are in control of your state school. They, not anyone else, demand the final say in all matters. And “they”, just might slap this teacher’s hand for being a little ahead of her time. But at the same time, they’ll be proud of her for daring to take a little heat from a few stupid parents who ought to already know that this is just the sort of thing that they should expect from their child’s schoolhouse.

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