Reason 59: Because A Real Education Is Actually A Good Thing

Remember that the state education institution exists for the sake of the sate education institution. It outgrew caring for your children, probably about the same time it became all about feasting at the federal feeding trough.  Still, it does have to keep up airs, and testing plays a big part in that.  So bad test scores = failure for the school.  But no fear, the people who administer the tests are the same ones who get to decide what is passing.

So this from the cool folks at Moonbattery:

School System Raises Grades by Lowering the Bar

As the rot implicit in liberal control corrodes educational quality, and demographic deterioration eats away at our national IQ, academic achievement is bound to suffer. Fortunately the educrats at the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District in Sonoma County, California have solved this problem by introducing a new grading scale:

The new system is called the equal interval scale. Essentially, it makes it harder to get a failing grade. It departs from the traditional A to F scale in which students receive F’s for scores below 59 percent. Instead, the scale awards F’s only for scores below 20 percent. …

F’s for below 20 percent? Well that might get your child a passing grade, but the institution failed long ago!

H/T Neil Simpson

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