Reason 61: Because Your Children Will Be Surrounded By Fools

Human beings are born as idiots, every last one. That’s why a sane society doesn’t let 3 year olds drive cars. But in time they grow up, maybe even mature some… we hope. Even NPR, which sees the education institution as the saviour of the world, thinks so.  But in the meantime unwise children are corralled together with hundreds of other idiots, isolated from the real world, and supervised by a few adults, many of whom are still idiots themselves. And we label the whole mess “education”.  Worse, this institution is administered by people who are wringing their hands because they can’t figure out which bathrooms the children should be using. So, they’re worse than idiots because even a young child knows that boys use the boy’s bathrooms and the girls use the girl’s. So here’s a glimpse inside the asylum:

Question. Is it a good idea to put your child into an institution that has brought us this? An institution that is in its own right a separate and distinct subculture of idiots; anti-God, anti-authority and anti-wisdom?

You might notice if you endure the video that the institution has solved the coarse language problem in the same way it has solved school shootings. It placed a “No Cussing” sign on the bulletin board. Works real good doesn’t it?

Is this the norm for the classroom? Of course not. But think about something. It’s more normal now than it was. And it will be more normal in the future than it is now, because the institution has lost its way. Its main concern is for the institution. These kids are there, and that’s all that matters. The state will get its funds, the administrators will get their bonuses and pay, and in a few years these kids will be jobless and ripe for serfdom.

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