Reason 62: Because There’s No Such Thing As Social Justice, So Why Allow Your Children to be Lied To?

I challenge anyone to give a cogent definition of “social justice”. It can’t be done, nor is it meant to be done. It’s an emotional word and it can mean what anyone feels it should mean. All anyone needs to know about “social justice” is that something out there isn’t fair and it needs to be fixed. Yes, and then you’re supposed to be angry because it’s not fixed yet. If you’re angry, then you’re social justicing. Oh, and you also need to know that it’s probably your, dear confused reader of this text’s, fault. And if you’re of the bourgeois class, it most definitely is your fault, you earth polluting slime.

So here’s a video called “Modern Educayshun” by Neel Kolhatkar, portraying a social justice classroom. It might be a college classroom, or it might be high school. It really doesn’t matter. It’s a parody of the social-justice insanity that’s so prevalent in the institutions of education in Western Civilization, which of course would include America. Have fun:

Thank you Breitbart 

Another absolutely fascinating read on the subject.

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