Reason 64: Because Who World Want Sanctimonious Elites Programing Their Child’s Mind Anyway?

We think in words. So if we want to change the way someone thinks we do it with words. We can either change the meanings of words, or a sense of evil can be implanted by banishing words. But it’s never about the words. It’s about programming thoughts. Orwell understood this well as he explained the concept of “newspeak”  in his novel 1984.

So here we have an article from The Telegraph informing us of new evils… sorry, words that will not be tolerated in the British schoolhouse. I don’t know, but I tend to see these things as more heinous when they’re perpetrated on the youngest, most innocent and impressionable among us. From the article:

Children as young as five are going to be admonished for using language that enforces gender stereotypes as new guidelines are sent to every school in England this Tuesday.

Okay, so I’m guessing that “Allah Akbar” won’t be among the evil words.  And I’m going to venture a guess here that the word “British” will eventually find its way into evil territory, if it hasn’t already.

What we have is a nation in the midst of committing suicide which seems to be obsessed with straining gnats and play pretend. I’m guessing that they really believe that if they pretend that there are no differences between genders it will become true. Fortunately for some, these classes are filled with children.  And if I remember right it was a child that looked at the naked emperor and stated the obvious. Those kids. They say the darndest things.

A look at the banned words is an interesting study in its own right:

  • “Man up” to people who are acting “a bit wet”

  • Calling boys “sissies”

  • Calling children or each other “cupcake”

  • Boys telling girls to “make them a sandwich”

  • Teachers saying to boys “don’t be a girl”.

  • Calling girls who study ‘male’ subjects “lesbians”

I guess teaching compassion and respect for fellow human beings is a little too passe.  Besides, compassion for anyone unwilling to bow to the state’s decree that man’s entire history has been misogynistic,  homophobic and bigoted–until it came along to set everything aright–is not to be exercised anyway.

So yes, this is not America. But if this sort of folly hasn’t found its way into an American classroom, it will. You can be certain of that much. And you can also be certain that your child will fair much better in a real school, where teaching it taken seriously, like the school that would take place if you taught them yourself. You are probably not a rich elite, and so your child will probably not be able to have a happy play pretend life living off your trust fund in a play pretend world. No, she will have to live in the real world where reality has a pesky way of asserting itself in painful ways.

H/T Glenn Chatfield

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