Reason 65: Because Education Is More Than Just Teaching Facts, It’s Teaching Values Also

Matt Walsh has a written an excellent column titled:

Parents, Teach Your Kids To Be Virtuous. The Schools Can’t Do It For You.

He addresses the violence in schools, its racial component and the institution’s  view of the hierarchical value of some of those students over others in the system.  He explains it like this:

…there is a hierarchy of Approved Victim Groups. Blacks are above teachers and women, but below gays and transgenders. Naturally, white men, white conservative women, and Christians are all at the bottom of the pyramid. Liberals don’t mind bullying and victimization so long as the hierarchy is respected. In other words, bullying must always be directed downwards, from the superior victim group to the inferior. That means a homosexual cross dressing fetishist who calls himself “transgender” may sexually harass underage girls by walking into their bathroom or locker room, and liberals will applaud. But if a straight man so much as looks at a woman sideways, or compliments her in a matter that makes her feel uncomfortable, liberals will say she’s been raped. Do you see how this works? Victimization must be ordered properly according to the liberal Victim Hierarchy. The highest victims can be victimized by no one, the lowest by everyone, and the ones in between only by those above them. It’s a very confusing system that requires years of study and many lost brain cells to understand.

Of course, the institutions values are fluid, if they exist at all. How can a person, or an institution, in one year promote and then celebrate a homophobic bigot named Barack Obama for president, and then before his first term is even up call all those who say the same thing evil because…, well, they’re homophobic bigots?  And of course its suddenly ok that Obama said it, even before he evolved himself, because he’s a liar anyway… which is ok I guess because he is after all, Barack Obama. Such are the values in the fluid and mixed up institution that you should vacate yesterday.

So with this, perhaps  you ought not be surprised if the school house is a little violent… and a little confusing. But I have a suggestion for you, a better way. Rescue your child from this hell and teach him yourself. It’s probably the only hell you’ll ever be able to rescue him from, and he’ll thank you for it some day, and it will all be worth it.


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