Reason 66: Because The State Can’t Even Distinguish Between A Schoolhouse And An Outhouse

So why would you trust them to teach your children?

You know you’re transitioning from a representative republic to tyranny when minuscule minorities can impose their will on the masses. That minuscule minority are the self appointed, sanctimonious elitists. The schoolhouse is but a tool in their hands for the programming of your children into their fantasy schemes. And when their schemes are so absurd that no one’s buying them at the ballot box, why then they just have their fellow elitist in the courts to decree it anyway. And that’s about the way it’s done.

Here we have a case in Tulsa Oklahoma where an even tinier minuscule of the population, those who want the rest of society to pretend with them that they are not the gender that they are,  have gained the favor of the elites. So the elites have decided, since the people aren’t buying it, to cram compliance down the people’s throats with the full power of the federal government standing behind them. That, folks is tyranny.  They see a restroom problem. Everyone else sees a mental problem, indeed a mental problem that needs to be helped, not placated.

A couple of things of interest. There’s no hiding from the arm of the state. If I’ve heard it once, I heard it a millions times, “I live in a good school district”. If your school get dollars from taxpayers, it might as well be in the worst place you can think of. This story comes from Tulsa Oklahoma, the middle of middle America. There is no safe place.

Now listen to the words of this elitist:

“The law has evolved and it’s evolved rapidly to recognize that discrimination based on gender identity is gender discrimination or sex discrimination.”

This is tyrant language. Law doesn’t evolve. Elitist ideas do. Laws are written, and they’re supposed to be enforced. There is a means to change them, but then they’re changed, not evolved? this is an elitist snow-job. You’re supposed to be fooled by this rhetoric. Are you?


Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Seibold, said “Really what we’re doing is expanding our access to restrooms. Most of the time our preference is to have a single-stall restroom we can identify as gender neutral, and both gender non-conforming, transgender or any other student can use that facility.”

Who knew that the children in school had limited access to the restroom, and that that access needed “expanding”?  But that’s not what’s happening. This is simply an introduction of a new thing; something strange to acquaint the herd with its presence. Once the herd is acquainted and comfortable with its presence it will be expanded with bovine acceptance.

Interestingly enough, Seibold describes to a tee the bathroom in my children’s schoolhouse. And she could be describing the restroom in your children’s schoolhouse as well. See? problem solved where there was no problem at all.

And here’s the rhetoric that garnered the title of this post from the same Superintendent, Seibold:

“The reason it was changed was to ensure that everyone has equal access to education,” said Seibold.

So “equal” access to the restroom has now morphed into “equal access to education”?  See how that works? Deny a boy access to the girls restroom and you’re denying him an education? All of a sudden a nation is embroiled in a crises where no one has ever seen a crises before, and people will be denied educations. So what are we  to conclude? Is modern-day “education” synonymous with a toilet, a toilet that for some strange reason is suddenly being denied to some by dark and evil forces out there that Soibel and her ilk are riding their white horses in to rescue us from?

So how about some perspective. Everyone has equal access to “education”.  And, everyone has equal access to the institution’s toilets. No one is being told that they can’t use the bathroom. What everyone is being told is, everything you have always thought about reality is wrong, and you must change your ideas to ours, no matter how insane they may seem to you.

I’m sorry. I still have my feet planted too close to reality to buy this. And that the leaders of government education have bought this folly hook, line and sinker says to me that I don’t want them anywhere near my child. They’re going to need to have an anchor in reality themselves one day to survive. There will be hell to pay for this foolishness, and I think, at this point, wisdom would dictate that you cull your little pack out of this herd.

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