Reason 67: Because Reality Trumps Fiction Every Time

You can pretend you can fly. You can identify as a bird. No one can stop you. You can even think you’re flying when you jump off a cliff. But you can’t pretend that the sudden stop ain’t gonna hurt. Reality will win every time. Playing pretend is a one thing for a child… healthy even. Children pretend all kinds of fun things. But when adults do it, it doesn’t go so well. And when the state does it, it’s down right dangerous.

The latest pretend game by the state is to pretend that homosexuality has always been accepted by all, and is good and righteous, and that throughout history evil has always reared its ugly head by considering it a deviant lifestyle. Nevermind that homosexual activity is unhealthy. If a truth is not liked, just pretend it away.

So here’s an example reported by “The Wichita Eagle” concerning a teacher who takes it on himself to show the children put in his charge a propaganda movie off  Youtube about the evils bound up in being too unsophisticated to see the emperor’s clothing.

From the article:

The movie he showed his eighth-grade students last month portrays a heterosexual girl being raised in a dystopian society where homosexuality is the norm. The girl is bullied by classmates – to the indifference of several teachers and other adults – until she commits suicide.

But the movie is actually closer to reality than analogy. We do live in a dystopian society where homosexuality is normalized. And children do get bullied for holding to historical truths concerning marriage and sexuality. And there is a suicide epidemic. The only difference is that the epidemic is not among homosexuals. Of course, as typical of propaganda, it plays on the emotions while sensationalizing the minute and downplaying the truth.

So the state, at least on this local level, finds itself stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side you have many of the parents, who for whatever reason still trust the state with their children, who don’t want the state corrupting their minds with lies. And then on the other you have the elitists who run the institution.

The board, consequently, is in a quandary where reality demands that there is no quandary. This teacher should be fired. But he isn’t because he’s an employee of the state, which is gungho for this sort of propaganda.  And if it gets its way with your children, they will be confused too. So solution, don’t let them have their way with your children. See? Problem solved.

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One response to “Reason 67: Because Reality Trumps Fiction Every Time

  1. Actually, admitting that it would be a “dystopian society” that recognized homosexual behavior as normal and good is quite a positive step! That is, any society that recognizes that behavior as normal is defined as “dystopian” — a place in which everything is unpleasant or bad. Of course, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the statement they meant to make, but …

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