Reason 68: Because You Don’t Want To Raise “Normal” Children

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Moral confusion abounds in the school house. That’s because confusion is taught in the school house. And it’s taught because the institution is itself morally confused at its highest levels. A few kids are now learning that it’s a dangerous thing when the institution that teaches lawlessness, and the institution that writes and enforces laws, is ultimately one and the same.

Here’s the story from Breitbart:


From the story:

A massive sexting scandal involving hundreds of students unfolded this week in a Colorado high school where students, possibly as young as eighth grade, allegedly messaged nude photos of themselves and others. The teens were allegedly sharing and collecting them like baseball trading cards. The teens’ actions could end with some students being charged with felony child pornograph.

I honestly can’t imagine the staggering incredulity that these young ones must be experiencing over the reaction to their sexting. They, after all, have a true perspective of the reality in which they live. So let’s look at that perspective. Here are a few things children are given or taught in the state’s institutions of education from an early age:

  • Lots of Condoms, and lots applauding of and encouraging to use even more condoms.
  • IUD’s to children at a young age.
  • Sex education that shuns abstinence as prudish and foolish
  • Liberal access to abortions
  • Moral relativism
  • Postmodernism
  • Secular Humanism

Hey, and let’s not forget a few more realities:

  • Almost every child carries in his pocket a device that gives him 24/7  access to all the porn the the sickest sicko could imagine.
  • He lives in a sexualy permissive culture with all things sexual all the time.
  • There is a  throw the doors open wide, ya’ll come-on-in attitude to the Butchers at Planned Parenthood and their “sex advice“, as well as other powerful sexual organizations bent on retraining your child’s mind.
  • Scandals seem to abound of teacher-student sex, and the world is more enamored than disgusted by it.
  • We are seeing the same seeds of pedophilia that we saw sown with homosexuality not that long ago, with much fruit since.
  • Promiscuous behavior is encouraged, or at least acceptable.

In the end the schoolhouse begins to look just a little bit like a taxpayer funded sex-pit.  And the whole world, media, culture, and yes, the schoolhouse from top to bottom, appears to be completely on board for all things sexaul all the time with the possible exception of sex within marriage. The last thing we ought to be when “scandals” like this erupt is shocked.  No, this is not the scandal. The schoolhouse is the scandal. These revelations are the mere consequence of that scandal. And if you think that this is an isolated case, then you are the problem.

Still, even if you do live under a rock, and vote for perverts every time the polls are open… even still, your children will fare better at home with you than in the stew your blind ignorance is creating. No child deserves public school.


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4 responses to “Reason 68: Because You Don’t Want To Raise “Normal” Children

  1. Don’t forget the standard (read “normal and even expected”) television fare they generally endure. It is “a new cop series where everyone is having sex with everyone and, oh, solving crime” or “a new lawyer series where everyone is having sex with everyone and, yes, trying cases” and the ultimate admission from the networks, the TV series “Mistresses” where everyone is just having sex with anyone, period. There is hardly a television show out there that is not ranged around the subject that would lead kids to, “oh, wait … why all of the sudden does that become a felony for me?”

  2. To even consider charging these students with anything is nothing less than rank hypocrisy.

    • Who would have thought that these youth’s defense would have come from our corner. I totally agree. And, I think that there are plenty of people in authority that are upset because they themselves were not in the sexting circle.

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