Reason 69: Because When You Look Under The School House Rock, You’ll Find Maggots

Maggots love decaying flesh, and that’s what you’ll find in the state school. In reason 68 I discussed what has been termed “the sexting scandal”. But as I said, the scandal is not sexting, it’s the rotting fleshiness of the schoolhouse that incubates cultural rot. So let’s dig a little deeper. It turns out that this has been on going, and for reasons obvious to anyone who’s paying attention, nothing was done. This from a New York Times article:

The “sexting scandal,” as parents are calling it, shocked many, and it has also elicited anger from parents who say they knew about this type of photo-sharing for years and sought unsuccessfully to get school officials to intervene. Heidi Wolfgang, 41, a mother who no longer lives in the district, said in a telephone interview that she had spoken to a Dan City Middle School counselor in 2012 after she found photographs of a nude adolescent on a cellphone owned by her daughter, then 12.

“He told me there was nothing the school could do because half the school was sexting,” Ms. Wolfang said. She called the response “heartbreaking,” and said she eventually decided to educate her child at home. (smart woman)

Mr. Welsh (the superintendent) said that like other school systems across the country, Canon City schools had received reports of students exchanging lewd photographs, but that he had not been aware of the scope of the issue until recently, when officials received anonymous tips through a system called Colorado Safe2Tell. “If there’s not a lead that takes you to this larger thing going on, why would you go there?”

The fact is that there was knowledge of this before hand by school officials. Some maggots do crawl out from under the rock and are noticed by some:

Another mother, Lisa Graham, 46, said her daughter… had been “propositioned by multiple guys” during her freshman year. “She received unsolicited photos from guys… I’m frustrated if people knew and didn’t shut it down three years ago.”

The School principal, Mr. Meuli, betrayed his institutional attitude:

…the school had had to handle a few instances in which a girl would break up with a boy and fear that they would circulate intimate photos of her, but that nothing this serious had been brought to his attention before”

Someone once said that “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Mr Meuli manages to turn this around when it comes to child pornography. It seems he’s saying “Hundreds of defiled children is a tragedy, but if it’s just your child’s photos being sent around campus, it’s not serious.” But that’s what you should expect from an institution that is morally bankrupt from top to bottom. Of course parents are shocked and surprised, which is a scandal in its own right. And I’m sure they’ll be shocked too when it’s discovered that there are teachers who have their own little stash of collectables?


Of course the institution runs to its temple to seek answers from the “experts”. Their advice sounds eerily like the advice that has sown the seed to this sort of depravity in the first place.

Amy Adele Hasinoff, an assistant professor at the university of Colorado denver… contends that schools need to find new ways to talk to students about the issue. Rather than just demanding that students abstain from sending risque’ images, she said, educators should aim for open conversations that involve guidance in “safer-texting” with trusted partners. Teachers and school officials “think they’re protecting people from harm but we know it doesn’t work”

Why are the American people so naive, especially when being so is dangerous? Just reading Hasinoff’s words ought to tell us that this is not a Canyon City Colorado problem, but a national institution problem. And the institution cannot fix it, and will probably make it worse by taking liberal elitists, like Hasinoff’s, advice, and why not?  Law evolves. Morality evolves. If the boys can’t look at your daughters in the restroom, who’s to say it’s wrong for them to look at them on their smartphones? And besides, so we’re told, porn is mainstream, and it could be a lucrative career for your child, and it would b wrong to judge her if that is the career she chose.

Is this what you want for your child? If it is, then the public cesspool is probably a great place to send your child off to. But I’m with Ms. Wolfgang. I think you ought to bring your child home to the ultimate safe place.


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