Reason 70: Because Elitists Are More Than Happy To Sacrifice Your Child To The Their Whacked Out Schemes

The headline at Life Site News says it all:

Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ to assault women in shelter

Before I even began reading this article I scanned it to find this little jewel within.:

Justice John McMahon imposed the “indefinite” prison sentence due to Hambrook’s long history of committing sex crimes. 

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that the coddling of criminals is just as much the elitist way as criminalizing tradition values. So here’s my question: What’s so different about this time that the judge is coming down so hard on this man? One hint. It has nothing to do with the women he assaulted. That’s obviously not bothered judges before now. So what was it? The answer: Because he was impersonating a so called “transgender”.  Had he gone on in and assaulted the women dressed as a man I’m sure the courts would have been much more merciful.

In any case, it’s obvious that this didn’t happen in a school. But that should offer no comfort to those who have entrusted their children to the same institution that is lockstep with this lunacy in its highest echelons.  And when you’re dealing with children, assaults can more easily be hidden. It’s so common for victims to come forward with reports of abuse, only after they’ve matured, that it’s barely newsworthy anymore.

But it’s much more subtle and darker than just that. When we consider that the whole system exists in a moral maze that is ever changing, and that there are many in the system who make it their business to confuse and indoctrinate innocent children who are not equipped or prepared to fend it off, it gets even more dangerous. When you entrust the state with your children, you are entrusting them to an institution that is designed to confuse them on matters of morality, especially as it concerns sexuality. So is a parent supposed to be comforted by this? Is a parent supposed to be thrilled that the institution will do everything it can to confuse children and then throw those confused children into coed showers?  I think not. In the end it’s a recipe for disaster. But that’s liberalism. And liberalism is all about liberalism and so it follows that the liberal institution is all about the institution. A child in a government school is a guinea pig in a massive social experiment that is hurting a lot of people, most of them children.

You need to know that the perverted elite class has no problem sacrificing your child. It is of no consequence to them. Chances are almost certain that their children will never step foot into the sewer that they’ve created.  They are bent on perversion, and if someone else’s child gets hurt in the process, well that’s just the price of “progress”.

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