Reason 72: Because Public Education Is Not Only A Lost Cause, It’s Increasingly Dangerous… For Everyone

Who can make sense of the cognitively dissonant liberal mind? No one. That’s because they live in a pretend world where right and wrong is what they say it is on a given day, and only then after referring to their twisted matrix of victim statuses, special causes and concepts of social justice only they can comprehend… maybe.  In the meantime they are so wrapped up in their pretend world that they can’t see the hell that their social experiments have wrought in the school house.

So here’s a peep hole through which we can see their menagerie. The laughter accentuates the evil.

This comment on the video by a teacher says all we need to hear:

I’m a teacher at an alternative school and not surprised at all at this behavior. The sad part is, this student will get a second chance to do it to another teacher because the school system will protect him. Our rights as teachers are very minimal and  this is why I would NEVER retire doing this. It becomes a “job”. We have to be counselors, parents, referees, corrections officers, lawyers, body guards, etc. with McDonald’s (no offense) pay. It used to be of high standards to teach. Now, no one respects the teacher. We get paid for 8 hours when, truly….our job is 24 hrs. It’s a tough field and is not for the weak. However, the gov’t has us by the balls and the parents and children know this…they use it to their advantage. Had that teacher hit back, he would be forced to resign with a reprimand in his file.

A fascinating thing, this next video. Not so much the video, the violence is becoming more commonplace, but how the person who posted it described it:

Teacher Caught Student Using PHONE IN CLASS . . . And Tried To CONFISCATE The Young Man’s BRAND NEW IPHONE 6s . . . But The Student FOUGHT BACK!!!! (Who Is In The WRONG Here . . . The Teacher . . . Or The STUDENT??)

This description is a great example of the moral confusion that the institution is instilling into future generations. They will be quite ready for serfdom.


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