Reason 74: Because Your Home Is Not A Gun Free Zone

Any old madman with a gun can walk onto just about any government school campus and shoot kids like pickles in a barrel. Any deranged kid can do the same. And he can do this with no fear of retaliation because he knows it’s a “gun free zone”, because he knows liberal do-gooders are in charge of it.

Not so at home, unless you want it to be. Here , from Breitbart, we have a story of a 13 year old who takes on home invaders while alone in his home. One of the invaders is killed and the other is captured by police.

It happened early in the afternoon, while most 13 year olds are at school. The story doesn’t say whether or not the boy was home schooled, but it makes little difference. The boy was in his home and is now alive and one of the intruders is in the morgue, and he is now dead. His associate is in custody.  A dead boy with the culprits at large did not happen.

Of course the state has no problem with your child being shot to death at its institutions. I know, I know, they wring their hands over it every time it happens, but they have the means to deter it, but they don’t. No, your child murdered at school is a crises that the state doesn’t want to let go to waste. It can use your dead child as leverage to separate would be serfs from their only means to keep themselves from becoming serfs, their guns, and that’s their main objective, which is quite different from yours. And that difference ought to be enough to bring them home, where they are loved and protected.


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2 responses to “Reason 74: Because Your Home Is Not A Gun Free Zone

  1. Here in Australia, we can happily report that our children aren’t shot in their institutions. We have some of the world’s strictest gun restrictions, and we are very grateful for it because we also have one of the lowest rates of gun death in the world.

    • Here in the U.S I can happily report that we haven’t been reduced quite to that level of servitude yet. We are, of course, well on our way. Masters always prefer their slaves unarmed. The institution, however, is working fervently on the next generation to make them as defenseless against evil as your government has made you. If this same thing happened in your country, this boy would have simply been left to the mercy of your criminals, just as you are.

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