Reason 75: Because Unfortunately For Children, The Government School Will Never Sue Itself For Malfeasance

This is an article from World Magazine involving the Texas Supreme Court. As articles go, anytime you read in a headline the word “Judge” or “court”, especially if it includes the word “Supreme” I pay attention because these are the people who can decree all sorts of mischief and make it the law of the land, no matter how nasty or idiotic. So naturally, when I see an article that has “homeschooling” and “Supreme Court” in the title, it gets my attention.

The article is a good read. But there are a few things worth noting before reading. First, no matter how red your state may be, you can rest assured that your public education institution is as blue as downtown Washington DC where the NEA and DOE are located. Second, even though the bloated, self-serving, money laundering scheme of an operation known as public education tries to snow the citizenry into thinking that it’s in the business of educating their children, in the end it’s just another hammer in the hand of liberal elites playing Whac-a-mole; the mole being anyone who doesn’t tow the party line.  That would naturally include most homeschoolers.

So the point of the suit:

At issue is how much latitude local and state officials have in requesting proof—in the form of lesson plans or curricula—that homeschool students are being educated in a way that satisfies vague standards laid out by the Texas Education Agency.

At first glance this might seem fair enough, but there’s a gaping hole. My question is, how much latitude do the people have in requesting proof that the Texas Education Agency is not just a money laundering scheme designed to deduct cash from the teacher’s paychecks and deposit it into the DNC campaign fund via the NEA? Answer, none.

These squabbles arise every now and then, but one thing you can take to the bank. The state’s tolerance of homeschooling is proportional to how few are doing it. It’s in the business of business as usual, which is making sure that their system is producing an ever increasing supply of serfs.

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