Reason 76: Because Little Monsters Of A Feather Approve Of Rape Together

This little story from Independent Journal is about as revealing of a story as you might encounter on the state of today’s schoolhouse. There are two elements of the story. One is a high school football player who strolls into a room where a young lady is apparently passed-out from drink… and he has his way with her. We call that rape, and he is of course charged with that crime.

Second we have his fellow classmate’s support of this young man by way of protest and symbols. That’s the element that ought to scare you. It does me.

From the story:

18-year-old Cameron Harrison, a running back at Spanish Fort High School in Alabama, has been accused of raping a girl who was passed out drunk at a party. She was just 16 years old… According to an affidavit, a video from the party that night shows the girl being carried upstairs to a bedroom. Harrison then went upstairs and raped her before going back downstairs and bragging about it to his friends.

So far what we have is kids acting as if they’ve been told somewhere that there is no ultimate right and wrong; that every human being is a bag of chemicals, flesh and bone, and that each bag can make up their own ethic, and that no one should judge them when they do. And we also have kids who live in a society that has different standards for jock-stars and for the average smuck. Not to mention that these kids live in a world obsessed with sex, sex, sex, from every quadrant of society. It seems a bit of an overreaction to me therefore when these kids behave as if the schoolhouse and society have not been telling them big fat lies all this time.

From the story:

In an upsetting twist, friends recently showed their support for him at a Spanish Fort football game, where he is currently banned from playing due to his alleged sexual assault.

They painted the number four on their wrists in support of their star running back:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

They held up giant handmade signs that said “Toros 4ever”:

Image Credit: Chip English/

Image Credit: Chip English/

The quarterback wore a towel with the number 4 written on it:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Other players showed their support for Cameron, as well:

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/Twitter

The victim, who attends the same school, has allegedly been attacked verbally and harassed online. Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Chalea Tisdale told Fox 10:

At least one of the poor souls seems to be dragging a cross into the fray. I guess I’ll file that under, “things that make you go hmmmm”.

It was my own experience in high school that the campus embodied its own subculture. I now believed that that was by design. You’ve got your popular beautiful people, your jock-stars, your class government, journalists, and so on, just like big people society.. And then you’ve got everyone else… i.e. the masses. They’re ostensibly being trained for life off campus. This boy is being trained that society will tell you one thing, and then convict you for believing it. The young girl is learning that there can be serious consequences to drinking, and that when you go against the elites you will be crushed. And the masses are learning how to protest and stand for unrighteousness… just like the big people world off campus. You should learn that the school house is no place for your child.

It’s better to teach your children the truth, and to not trust anyone else with such an important job. Teach them that, even if society does reject God, it does so at its own peril, and that to trust God will make your paths straight.  Don’t put your children in a subculture created in a mad man’s laboratory. Put them in real life. They will learn better there, and will transition into society just fine, with both feet set on a solid foundation.

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