Reason 77: Because Government School Is A Machine That Fails

What do you call a person who worships someone who continually insults them? Is there a name for such? I don’t know. But something very similar seems to be the case here. We can start by establishing that Secular Humanism is the state religion, and as such must be taught in your child’s school. We can also establish that Secular Humanism looks to humans, i.e. “man”, for all the answers to man’s problems. So it only stands to reason that Secular humanism would worship genius.

So we have at least one genius, Albert Einstein– and I suspect there are many more–who deplored the institution.

Of course the teachers don’t behave like sergeants anymore. They’ve been hamstrung. They behave like people with a pension, because that’s what it’s all about. No teacher can love your child like the two teachers who care for her more than any state employed teacher can. These two teachers understand their child, work with their child, and is excited when she succeeds. These two teachers are not hirelings. They do it at great expense to themselves, but with great rewards for themselves and their children alike. These two teachers are the children’s parents. So have some fun, and learn lots along the way. You won’t regret it.

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