Reason 78: Common Core Is A Scheme That Will Fail Your Children

It appears that the state of Kentucky was the launch customer for Common Core, and now, according to this article by , professors  are ready to revolt over the unprepared student stream flowing into their classes:

College Professors Begin Revolt Against Common Core

It’s been obvious from the beginning of the Common Core scheme that one of many weak links in the enterprise was college professors. What would happen when their classes were flooded with increasingly ill-prepared Common Core-“educated” students? That problem is now becoming apparent, and a professors’ revolt has now begun in Kentucky—the first state to adopt and implement the national curriculum mandates. Coupled with newly elected governor Matt Bevin’s desire to see Common Core removed from Kentucky, a state that Bill and Melinda Gates have touted as being a Common Core leader may soon join the others dropping Common Core like a hot potato. In connection with federal Race to the Top grant applications in 2010 and No Child Left Behind waivers in 2011, states had to demonstrate that their institutions of higher education (IHEs) would “exempt from remedial courses and place into credit-bearing college courses” students who attained a certain score on Common Core-aligned assessments. But as detailed by critics such as Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram, the massive deficiencies of the national standards mean students will be even more unprepared for college work than they were before.

The institution cannot escape from an institution mindset, which is that if it can decree reality. And in case you’re wondering, it can’t.  If a young person entering college has to learn in college at much greater cost what the state spent a small fortune to teach him in highschool, then someone’s getting ripped off. And that someone is you, the taxpayer. The institutions work around is to force the child to learn through testing. But that’s always the tyrant’s solution, to simply legislate, decree, and then it will be. The institution can never see that it is its own worst enemy when it comes to education. But then again, why would it notice such things, the institution is not interested in education but rather the institution.

But there is a way out of common core. It’s called home schooling. And it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever undertake. And not only that, you can do it for a fraction of a fraction of the cost that the institution plans to spend on itself in your child’s name. So why not?




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