Reason 79: Common Core

Common Core is a wicked scheme. Well, maybe not if you’re a wealthy elitist and can afford to keep your child out of the state propaganda mill. Yes, and it’s not evil if you’re going to be needing lots of new serfs for your future statist endeavors. In that case, Common Core is just as peachy as peach pie.

Godfather politics does a great job of analyzing Common Core, but I will go one step further and suggest that this “curriculum”, or “system”, is not the problem as much as it is a manifestation of something much bigger. When we hear “Common Core”, what we really ought to hear is “state education”, because the two really are one and the same.  And the state is interested in the state, and the state run institution is interested in the state run institution. And so it follows that big government will need dumb kids to become future serfs and servants who will support, worship and provide resources for, all things “state”.

Here are a couple of excerpts, but I do encourage you to read the entire thing:

Private schools, church schools, and homeschools have no trouble turning out well-educated young people who excel at the highest levels of academia and other professions. The latest story coming from people who are using the Common Core Curriculum are seeing something sinister. The best way to propagandize young people is to make the propaganda not seem like it’s propaganda.


This reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984. Winston had to be beaten down to love and obey Big Brother. “If Big Brother said 2+2=5, then Winston soon actually believed it, he had nothing else to believe while he was being tortured. This method of torture effectively brainwashed him into believing everything Big Brother said.”

But what if you can get people to love Big Brother through indoctrination? It’s cheaper and more efficient, especially when the State gets the children early and camouflages the propaganda in a grammar lesson. It’s sinister, but genius. Parents willingly send their children into government indoctrination centers with no idea what’s going on inside.

But it is legal to not do this to your child, your child’s future is your nation’s future. It is legal to raise children with mind set on liberty, and in fact you must. Now is the time. Don’t wait until school is over today. Go get them right now.

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