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Reason 111: Because Casting Off Tradition Is Not Education

There’s an old saying, “No matter where you go, there  you are.” And we can tailor this to the education institution’s insanity too. “No matter what tradition you cast off, there will be a tradition that needs to be cast off”. So here we have an elitist product of the institution doing exactly what the elitist institution has taught her to do.

From Breitbart:

A report states that Eujin Jaela Kim, a public school principal in Brooklyn, has banned virtually all celebrations that run afoul of far-left political correctness.

From the New York Post:

Santa Claus is banned. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

So your child can’t be taught to pledge allegiances, because allegiances are based on nationalism, and nationalism leads to war.

And your child can’t be taught gratitude, because gratitude suggests there is one to which we owe gratitude who is above the state. Can’t have that!

And your child can’t be taught about Christmas, because Christmas points to a Savior, and a Savior suggests the need for salvation, and the need for salvation suggests that man is not basically good. Can’t have that!!

If there’s a tradition, no matter how old or engrained in the human psyche, they’re going to try to cast it off. It will go on and on because what they really hate is what is in their own hearts. Little do they know that the children they teach will eventually cast off the tradition of casting off tradition, and will probably settle on a religion that is willing to die for the very cause of America hating, Jesus hating, Jew hating that the institution was too cowardly to admit existed in their hearts in the first place.

This is foolery of course. People are going to be people, and the institution is not going to train people to not be people. The only question that remains is what WILL they succeed in training children to be? It’s all a grand experiment, and only time will tell. But just remember that your child is precious, and you don’t have to send him to the social laboratory to be experimented on by moronic elitists who think themselves wiser than they ought.


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Reason 110: Because What Your Child Is Taught Can Come Back To Haunt You

Here is a little meme that I thought was appropriate:

Why would so many people knowingly send their children off to an institution where they will be taught a utilitarian view of human life while at the same time knowing that they will become old and feeble one day?

Man has historically looked to his children for care during his elderly years. Not that anyone necessarily had children for that reason, but it was understood that parents would be advocated for, protected, and provided for when they grew too old to work, their children.

With the current social system resources are simply taken from the productive by force, sanitized from the knowledge that it was healthy productive offspring who produced them, and then handed over to the aging entitlement minded masses who also happen to be dependable voters come election day. This provided the offspring the allusion that they could shed responsibilities involving the care of parents, and it also gave them the fool-hearty notion that having children was a dreary waste of precious time.

But the whole thing is a sham; a sort of ponzi-scheme-for-votes program cooked up in a Cloward-Piven type laboratory by short-sighted elitists convinced that Eden wasn’t all that difficult to achieve.

With several generations passing through the institution where this mental disconnect between the producer and the god/state benefactor has been indoctrinated into young minds, society now considers the idea of raising children as drab and passe. So many don’t bother. And those who do bother get them out of their hair as quickly as possible by sending them to the institution to properly indoctrinated. And then one day they are shocked to learn that the utilitarian state they helped to create due to their lack of utility.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. It is wise to save and invest for the future. But those investments don’t all have to be financial. The god/state will go broke, and your financial investments will be confiscated. The god/state is investing in its future too you see, by ensuring that the institution indoctrinates your children to serve it, not you. Your children are one investment that you should keep for yourself… for your children’s sake for sure, but for your own also!

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Reason 109: Because The Schoolhouse Is Just As Sexualized As Your nightly Television Entertainment

Linked below is a story about the epidemic of school teachers having sex with their students, and I’m probably going to shock you a little regarding my stance on this, but I’m all for it… and I’m not being sarcastic. It is the institution that is confused on the subject. It is the institution that teaches that all kinds of sex between all kinds of individuals, under all kinds of circumstances is the best thing ever. It’s the institution that teaches that no one can judge anyone for their moral choices but it’s OK to judge those who insist that some things are immoral as immoral. It is the institution that teaches that what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another, and vice versa. In other words, the institution teaches insanity, and by teaching it, it paints itself into a corner because now it wants to judge others and to call to account those who want to act as if what they’ve been taught as truth their whole life by the institution is actually true. But there’s one gigantic problem. It’s not true. The institution teaches lies.

But not me. I think my position is one of moral clarity.

So to explain my stance. I think God created men and women to get married, to become one flesh, and to have children. If two people want to get married and have sex and children I think that’s one of the greatest things ever. May they be fruitful and multiply. There’s no moratorium on marriage and marital sex based on vocation. If one person is a teacher and the other a student, what’s the problem? Well, as it turns out, the state, for whatever reason, does have a problem with it. Of course it has no problem with your daughter being used as a semen urinal by the football team, just so long as she’s all in for the ride. But they don’t want one of their employees standing in that line. For reasons only known to the elitists running the institution, they’re just as gung ho as they can be for teachers defiling the minds of the poor souls placed in their charge, but they’ve drawn the line at teachers participating in defiling them physically.

It’s amusing to read this article though, and to watch them turn themselves into logical pretzels as they attempt to work within their own framework of “no absolutes”, and at the same time figure out how they can impose absolutes. They like to play word games by using euphemisms like “inappropriate”, and “improper”, rather than sin. I kind of feel sorry for them, but not as sorry as I feel for the children they’re confusing.

So here’s the story from Breitbart:

Teacher-Student Sex Rampant in Texas, Lawmakers Seek Solutions

Texas lawmakers held a hearing this week on the rampant number of educators who cross the line and engage in improper sexual relationships with their students. The abhorrent conduct violates the trust placed in them to protect pre-K to 12th grade school children.

Remember, no matter how red your state is, the schoolhouse is so dark blue it’s black, just like your state is going to be when they’re done with a few more generations of your children. But also remember, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.



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Reason 108: Because The State’s Education Saves No One

For those who live as if there is no God material is paramount. Peace, prosperity and affluence are the only measures of godliness, all of which can supposedly be achieved through education. In fact, education is the one thing that can save the world… all we need is more of it… or so we’re told.

But the state’s education won’t deliver for you. It does, on the other hand, deliver for the state by providing it with plenty of state-worshiping dupes. Education is important. But the fear of God is more important, for it is the beginning of wisdom. And your state schoolhouse down the street, from top to bottom, not only does not fear God, it daily and actively mocks Him.

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Reason 107: Because The Institution Is Blinded By Hatred

From the Blaze:

School Official Keeps His Job After Apologizing for Shocking Statement on White, ‘Christian’ Men

What was the shocking statement this teacher made? This:

“The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie”

I actually don’t think he should lose his job. He posted this on facebook. He didn’t teach it to any “children” at his high school that we know of. And while many, if not most, of Sanders’ supporters are all in for limiting your rights to be a buffoon on Facebook, I cannot join them. But it is worth noting a couple of things:

Brought to this world by Islam

  1. Hatred blinds. This person, who will be teaching people’s children, is so filled with hatred and bigotry against white Christian men he doesn’t even know that he is incapable of looking at recent history, and the literally thousands of deaths brought about by Islam, and see a problem. No, it’s Christian white men who are the real problem.

    Brought to this world by Islam

    So why did he say something so inconsistent with the obvious? Because a news event that appeared to fit his narrative of reality happened with the abortion clinic shooter in Colorado. Never mind that it was a delusional man with no apparent political or religious connections who walked into a human butcher shop and shot people.  And never mind that even if he had had religious and political connections, his death toll doesn’t hold a spark to Islamists who managed to murder over 3000 people in one city in a couple of hours. And never mind that more people die from guns wielded by black-non Christian men every day than white Christian men; no, never mind all that. White Christian men with guns are still the real problem. Such blindness boggles the mind. Yet, that same blind person teaches your children. And he is by no means alone. These sentiments fill people from the bottom to the upper echelons of the institution. Who would knowingly give that person permission to train their child?

  2. A rotten society is going to put rotten teachers in rotten schools filled with rotten kids. We know this. How can a rotten and morally retarded public school administration make moral judgments about the rottenness of its teachers? Answer? It can’t. The school system cannot be fixed.  There is but one option. Get your children out!

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Reason 106: Because There Is A Fair Standard, And There Is The State Education Standard, And They Are Not The Same

From Breitbart:

Muslim Students Association Hosts High School ‘Walk a Mile in Her Hijab’ Event

From the article:

According to the Daily Herald, six members of the school’s MSA spent an entire morning placing hijabs on 17 non-Muslim girls as they discussed the garb’s meaning and tenets of the Muslim religion.

One non-Muslim girl–wearing a red hijab–said with more girls wearing them around school, “it could bring more acceptance to the religion and have more people become more aware.”

Jon Guillaume, principal of Vernon Hills High, expressed admiration for the MSA members.


Three things about this:

First, I’m fine with students sponsoring this event. Why would I not be? No one is coerced to become a Muslim. Of course I’m not fine with sending my child to the place where I find it okay to do such things.

Second, I’m fine with a “walk-a-mile-as-a-Christian” event too. But does anyone really believe that such an event’s going to get those warm fuzzy feelings inside from the state? Of course not. Is the principal going to “express admiration” for such an event? Or is he going to get all up tight and start to blab like a monkey on a string with “concerns” about the so-called “separation of church and state”? That’s because the state’s at war with Christianity and in love with Islam. My opinion is that the state loves slavery, and Islam is a slave religion that wields power ruthlessly and with cruelty, and the statist can’t get enough of that.

Third, the state religion is secular humanism. That means that it sees all religions as subservient to itself. Islam doesn’t have a problem with that thinking because Islam seeks to become the state. For the Muslim there is no distinction between the two. But Christians will not bow their knee to such things. They desire to live free.

So if you like the idea of your child becoming a Muslim slave to the Caliphate with the state’s glowing approval, then government schooling is going to be a heaven-send for you. You can be the first parent on your block to have your daughter sportin’ a fancy hijab round your neighborhood. And if you’re really lucky, your son might even attain to 72 virgins by blowing your neighbors up.

But if you want your child to live free, you’ll keep them home and teach them well.

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Merry Christmas To All

I hope this post finds you enjoying yourself with your children and family today as you celebrate the birth of the King of The World and the world’s savior. May joy fill you home today and your day. God bless.

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Reason 105: Because The Institution Is Bankrupt When It Comes To Real Answers To Real Questions

I have a pastor friend who teaches school and who also keeps an excellent blog. He posted on the subject of suicide not too long ago, and the fact that the institution could only refer to it as a “bad choice”. Of course the state has its Secular Humanist gurus that present themselves as “experts”. But the institution and its gurus are in reality bankrupt when it comes to anything deeper than the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

From his article:

Recently I had to take some online training for being a teacher with the Jason Foundation. This prompted me to think about their claims that Suicide is a Bad Choice. In other words, when it comes to telling other children not to commit suicide, the best reason they could give was that it was a “bad choice.” They could not give any rationale for the reason it was a bad choice, which shows the emptiness of their worldview.

I know that the people at the Jason Foundation are trying to be noble in their attempts to reduce teen suicide. After all, the founder lost his own son to suicide. However, unless they are going to look at the truth of the matter through the lens of biblical principles, they really have no moral standing whatsoever. What makes this even worse is that they are fighting for legislation that would make teachers more responsible for the mental well-being of the potential suicide perp. As if somehow, a teacher, who gets maybe three minutes a day with each student can observe the potential for suicide in their students.

When it comes to all things concerning the god/state, the law is king. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a law. The only problem is laws don’t change people’s hearts. More from the article:

The problem is that no one will really stand up against this legislation and teachers will be burdened with becoming health-care professionals without the training or the pay to go with it. The legislation will be put forth under the guise of “if it saves just one more teen” and everyone will get all sappy and agree and the responsibility of mental health for teens… will be on the teachers of America.

This is an excellent article, and I must admit that I didn’t realize that there was an actual name for the state’s usurpation of parenthood in the institution:

This is done under the often abused term in the teaching field known as loco parentis. It’s a Latin term meaning the teachers are the ones who are actually the parents. It’s a load of crap, but alas, it’s hard to tell the king that he is naked when all his court is naked as well.

Teachers are not the child’s parents, and unless you give us full authority for that responsibility, do not give us the responsibility.

This is an excellent article from ground zero, and he has more to say on the matter, and I encourage you to click over and give it a read. And keep in mind that your child does not have to be indoctrinated in a system that has no real answers to life’s deepest questions.

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Reason 104: Indoctrination

Please set aside the time to watch this documentary titled “Indoctrination”. It is free for the rest of 2015.

It can be seen by clicking on this link.


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Reason 103: Because The State Will Indoctrinate Your Child That They “Shall Have No Other Gods Before The State”

The war on Christmas is simply the December version of the war on God that is happening the other 12 months. And nowhere is this war hotter than the battles over the next generation taking place in your friendly neighborhood democrat factory down the street. Here we have one installment in that war from a Fox News Opinion Article:

Oh good grief! School district censors Charlie Brown Christmas

The latest yuletide lunacy comes from Johnson County, Kentucky where the school district has censored an elementary school presentation of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The district also ordered other schools to remove all religious references from their upcoming Christmas productions.

At one school, “Silent Night” was replaced with a Christmas version of the “Whip/Nae Nae” song.

Yes, good readers — apparently that is a real thing.

“How do you go from ‘Silent Night’ to the ‘Whip/Nae Nae,’” one distraught grandmother asked me. “We’re not at all happy about it.”

Teachers at W.R. Castle Elementary School were directed to remove the moving scene where Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas by reading from the Gospel of Luke.

Superintendent Tom Salyer confirmed to me that the entire passage was excised from the program after the district received a single complaint.

“We’re not reading that, sir,” Salyer told me. “It disappoints men that we have to do this.”

The superintendent, who said he is a church-going man, said he was simply following the advice of school district attorneys.

So how can the schoolhouse live up to its dogmatic insistence that it be “inclusive”, then exclude the traditions of the culture in which the schoolhouse is emmersed? It’s because Christmas time is a time of Christmas songs. And Christmas song point to a Christ. And the Christ claims to to above the state, not below it. And the state is NEVER going to go for that. The statist, in the name of the state, will be the arbiter of right and wrong, not Jesus. And anything that paints Jesus in a positive light simply will not be tolerated; not at Christmas time, and not any time.

But you have the option of sending your child to a school that can speak of Jesus all you want. And it can teach real tolerance, and real inclusion so that your child doesn’t grow up thinking that intolerance is tolerance and exclusion is inclusion, and that sodomy is marriage, and that gender is a figment of one’s imagination, and that the state is god and on and on. You can do that, if you want to. And it’s much easier than you would think.

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