Reason 82: Because Your Child Is A Person, Not An Age

From “Science Alert”:

New study suggests we’re sending our kids to school too young.

To approach the education institution from the perspective that it’s all about what is best for the child is to subject one’s self to endless frustration. Education is way down the list of objectives held by the institution. Proper indoctrination into Marxism and Secular Humanism is way up there. And then there’s the NEA, the teachers Union, who is there to make sure that the cash keeps flowing back to the bosses and the DNC. Then you’ve got the LGBTXQWERTY, to ensure that no depraved or confused notion of sexuality is disapproved of. Of course there’s those in management with their cenchy high paying jobs that must be protected and expanded. And we can’t forget Planned Parenthood sucking at the bloated bureaucracy’s teat.

And then we have this study, that seems oddly out of place because it seeks what is best for the child and not the institution. But in reality, it’s the state’s job to get the children into the machine, and away from parents, as early as possible.

From the study:

How old should our children be before they start a formal education? That’s the question asked by new research from academics at Stanford University in the US, and it turns out that it might be better for our youngsters if they started school later – a whole year later in the case of the Danish children involved in the study.

I’ve got a better idea than that. Start them earlier, and never start them at all. I know that seems impossible, but it really isn’t. A child is born a sponge. It seeks knowledge, and it can’t help but to seek knowledge because that’s how God designed children. So I’d say that school should start no later than perhaps a day old. Isn’t it amazing and awesome that your child learns so much in the years before you hand him off to the state? And there’s not a high paid bureaucrat with his pension anywhere around. As it turns out, you’re qualified. Go figure.  So why end a great thing? Just never send him to the state. Before you know it you have a normal young man or woman standing right there in front of you, who knows that girls are girls and boys are boys, and you can’t tax people into prosperity, and that big government will not save him, and that he doesn’t get to decide for himself what right and wrong are, nor does a self-appointed elitist, the-sky-is-falling, do gooder. Nope, it’s as it should be. You’ve passed your values along to your child, and you got to enjoy the excitement of watching your child learn, become wise, and grow up too.  It doesn’t get any better than that, and you don’t need no stinking study to know it.


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