Reason 83: Because Your Child Doesn’t Need To Be Confused About The Purpose Of His Anus

This is crude I know. But what can I say? It’s our new world.

Actually children do instinctively know the true purpose of  their anus. For them to ever question that purpose would require input from a sick individual, or a sick political action committee, or… you guessed it, the schoolhouse. It’s funny how problems that no one ever knew existed; that never ever crossed anyone’s mind, suddenly become a crises in our new state religion of Secular Humanism. So here’s what we have from The Daily Wire:

They refuse to answer your questions because they can refuse to answer your questions.  What are you going to do about it? Take your children out of their institution? Yet even though they refuse to tell you what they’re going to tell your children, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to tell them all sorts of gross details about homosexual “sex”.

But even in the midst of all this confusion, marriage, romance, copulation, offspring, family;  they all are all fitting together like seasons, mountain springs and sandy beaches. They’re just natural, and naturally beautiful. But enter man’s rebellion against God’s order and suddenly beauty isn’t so beautiful, especially when the institution that you send your child to is dedicated to making sure that grossness and ugliness is hocked as beauty.  And that’s about what we have with the state of California decreeing to the institution that your child will be told that anuses are not just for eliminating any more.

So do you think that this is not in your school? If it’s not, it will be. The state is one. It’s not divided against itself. It can’t wait to tell your boys about the “happiness” and “beauty” to be found in rebelling against God’s beautiful order. And that whole disease thing? Covered. Here’s a condom.

Does this make sense to you? Is this what y0u want for your child? Really?


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3 responses to “Reason 83: Because Your Child Doesn’t Need To Be Confused About The Purpose Of His Anus

  1. Thanks for your candor! Only pro-LGBTQX perverts and guys who watch porn think that the anus is a sex organ.

    P.S. Typo in the title — s/b “purpose”

    • We are so used to accepting that we can use our body any old way we want to, its design be damned. When we stop and think about it for a bit, not only is it gross, it’s dangerous. And this is one more reason that male homosexuality is plagued with disease and PC’ness stops anyone from warning against it… and why the school house teaches that it’s fine and dandy.

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