Reason 84: Because The DOE Has Declared War On Your Values

Why has the DOE done this? ? That is a question that every parent needs to be asking. Why are the values and truths that have been the mainstay for all of human experience now such a threat to the state? There is the superficial answer, which is that the state just loves everyone so much, and it doesn’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt, or offended, or to feel bad about themselves. But that’s just the line you’re supposed to buy.  The state can never pull any of that off anyway, and those running the state know it. No matter who’s morality the state chooses to inculcate and enforce there will always be a portion who will reject it. The state will always have to reject someone and their values.  So we know that the whole “inclusiveness” thing is a lie. No institution is all inclusive, including your state run education institutions. They all “include” only those they’ve deemed to be worthy of inclusion according to whatever standards they have decreed. If you don’t believe this, try going to the schoolhouse and preaching salvation through Jesus Christ and see how “included” you feel when they’re done with you.

So what’s the real reason that the state has declared war on your values? The answer to that question is as old and basic as human history. Man is at war with his Creator. He is in rebellion, and that rebellion plays itself out in a whole host of ways, but in the end it’s nothing more than  man shaking his fist in God’s face in defiance. He then mocks God at every opportunity with his rejection of order in sexuality, family and gender roles. They all must be destroyed and replaced with man’s own order… which fails.

So we have a story here from “Crisis Magazine by CALEB HENRY“:

The Assault on Parental Moral Authority

Two of America’s three branches of federal government have declared war on parental authority. President Obama’s Department of Education has been explicitly attacking schools that have the audacity to prefer traditional morality. However, making sense of the Education Department’s actions requires looking at the Obergefell same-sex “marriage” decision. The Obergefell decision explains why the Department of Education will not stop until it has eliminated parental authority to teach traditional morality to their children.

There’s no better place to fight the battles ten years hence than to fight them in the in the classroom of the state school today. And this rebellion is unwittingly coordinated with Nashville (the music industry) and Hollywood’s influence. Very few of the children who are given over to this machine with parental carte blanche approval will come out the other end unwilling to bow their knee to the state.  That is the state’s goal, to supplant God’s values with its own, and to achieve god like power over citizens. So when you look at your precious little ones at your feet, and the thought of them becoming little state slaves in their grownup years seems like one of the most excellent plans ever, then by all means, do what everyone else is doing. But if you desire for your child to live free, to follow God and rebel instead against man’s empire, then your children will need training that only you can give.

I encourage you to read the entirety of this excellent article.

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